“Jellyfish” UFO Reportedly Recorded over United States Joint Operations Base in Iraq

According to the video’s description, a “UAP of unknown origin displayed transmedium capability—and has been officially designated by the United States intelligence agencies as a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). This designation is currently maintained.”

The object was reportedly recorded in October of 2018 with a thermographic / forward looking infrared (FLIR) camera as it flew over the base.

An “event description” published with the video credits the object with maneuvers not seen in the footage.

An incursion by an object of unknown origin was filmed at a United States joint operations base in Iraq. The object was designated UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) and was tracked for a durational period. The object moved through a sensitive military installation—and eventually traversed over a body of water, where it actuated a controlled descent—submerging into the water. After an observational period of about seventeen minutes—the UAP reemerged from the body of water and shot-off at an extreme rate of speed—beyond the optical scope of the observation platform. The origin, intent and capability of the Anomalous Aerial Vehicle remains unknown. Official designation remains UAP. 

Included with the description were “additional details reported by direct eyewitnesses and those familiar with the full raw footage”:

• The UAP displayed transmedium capability—The UAP was filmed entering the water with a controlled descent. The UAP emerged from the water about seventeen minutes later and orientated into a sudden and rapid directional flight—beyond the optical range of the platform monitoring it.

• The UAP displayed low observability—The UAP was not visible with Night Vision (IR) and appeared to jam the targeting capability of the optical platform.

• The UAP displayed positive lift—without the normally associated aerodynamic means for lift and thrust. The signatures typically associated with the propulsion maneuvers observed—were absent.

After the video’s release, journalist Steven Greenstreet said that he was able to speak with a military witness to the incident, who told him that some of the reported details were incorrect.

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Michael Cincoski, who was an ISR Tactical Controller at Al-Taqaddum Air Base in Iraq, reportedly told Greenstreet that the “jellyfish” was recorded in the fall of 2017 by a tethered PTDS surveillance balloon, which would detect quadcopter drone threats “almost weekly.”

Cincoski said that the actual length of the raw footage is 17 to 18 minutes long, and towards the end of the video the object “appears to float over Habbaniyah Lake.”

However, he said, “I never saw [transmedium capabilities]. At no point did it ever shoot out of the lake, or into [the] sky.”

He added that no one else on the base, including the PTDS team, ever saw that happen.

Regarding claims of the object changing temperature, Cincoski said that this could be due to the camera adjusting exposure levels.

“It’s pretty standard to adjust exposure of the sensor to get a better view while tracking an object,” he said.

Ultimately, the UFO remained unexplained to the PTDS team, although Cincoski thinks it could have been an “artifact on the lens or the housing” of the PTDS balloon’s surveillance camera. 

The PTDS team disagreed with that assessment, he said, since they regularly cleaned and maintained the balloon’s systems.

Cincoski admitted to Greenstreet that there are details in the video which don’t fully support his “artifact” hypothesis and added that while a bunch of balloons “is an interesting theory” to explain the object, it “was too static to be a balloon.”

Regardless, Cincoski maintained that the object likely had a prosaic explanation, telling Greenstreet that if he had to choose between it being alien or prosaic, he would choose the latter.

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Since the object was not deemed a threat, he said the “jellyfish” UFO video was stored on the base’s “secret systems.”

“We never saw [the object] again and it was never explained,” Cincoski said. “It became the base ghost story. We’d show the video to any new guys and tell the story.”

He went on to say he is “very excited” that the video is now out in the public.

Cincoski stated that not only does he believe in extraterrestrial life, but he thinks some UFOs could represent incursions by said life.

But, he speculated, perhaps they aren’t from another planet; instead, they could be from another dimension.

Of course, Cincoski emphasized, that is just his opinion, although it is fun to think about.


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