How To Conduct A Spirit Box Session

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Ghost Box communication expert Bruce Halliday shares his tips on how to communicate with spirits using a Spirit Box and how to get the most out of your session.

Ghost Box communication is the practice of using a device known as a Spirit Box or Ghost Box to facilitate real time, live spirit communication between the researcher and a non physical entity, presumably the spirits of disembodied human beings.

The “Box” is merely a device that enables the reception of radio signals and dices them up into small bits and pieces or fragments of sound by sweeping the chosen band at a fast enough rate so that the dial does not stop on any one station.

This prevents ghost boxes from delivering any whole or solid words of radio broadcast, of course the occasional solid word or two of broadcast will sneak through but if you pay attention you will be able to discern what is relevant to your questions and or topic and what is stray radio signal. This broken down signal is in turn broadcast through the boxes speaker thereby allowing the entity to use the fragments of sound for the purpose of communication enabling him or her to be heard live by the researcher as they communicate and also to have the communication not being heard live to be recorded by the communicator performing the session

The theory is that an entity will use whatever bits of radio fragments it needs to form words and sentences. Through years of research I have come to the belief that the communication is formed as the sound leaves the speaker or the headphones respectively. That is what allows us to hear the responses in real time.

Ghost box communication should never be mistaken for traditional EVP, it is very simple in theory traditional EVP incorporates a recorder and a willing spirit. The theory is that the spirit uses the raw energy in the surrounding area of the recorder to form words and place them directly onto the recording media. I did traditional EVP sessions in the field for 8 years and only gleaned about ten quality A+ EVP’s the rest were static whispers that had to be edited to death just to hear if there was something there.

With Ghost Box communication (Ghost Box Communication) there is some editing to be done but it all revolves around getting rid of the unwanted garbage sounds that are not utilized by the communicating entity and are merely a by product of the boxes sweep thus leaving only the communication, some files of communication may also have the playback speed slowed a bit due to the affect that a fast box sweep will deliver rapid communication that may be hard to understand by the laymen listening to the file, the volume can also be altered to a certain degree so that a very low communication or the opposite, a very loud communication can be adjusted to a comfortable listening level. This process does not alter, add or subtract anything to or from the spirit communication contained within the file. Of course all RAW recording footage should be saved and supplied to the listener or examiner upon request.

With the boxes I am personally averaging about 25 to 30% hearing of real time messages, the rest are heard when reviewing the recording.

A Ghost box sweeps at a fast rate so it takes time to develop a skill for hearing the real time communication the novice will immediately start to hear the “yes” and “no” type of answers and even a “name” as the entities attempt to communicate.

New communicators do not hear much in real time at the beginning, hearing spirit communication live during a ghost box session takes some experience, there is a learning and development curve.

Most if not all new Ghost Box Communicators will have to develop what we experienced Ghost Box communication veterans call “An Ear For the communication” this means only that the longer you practice Ghost Box communication the more attuned your hearing will become to recognizing and hearing spirit communication live during a session. It is like a piano tuner, an apprentice will have to tune the piano using aids like a tuning fork but the seasoned piano tuner will be able to basically tune by ear just listening to the notes and knowing when they are correct. Same principle!

Box communication is ideal for both stationary research performed in a controlled environment and also field research conducted by Paranormal investigators on location.

This information is the meat and potatoes of Ghost Box Communication please feel free to use any or all the information, my main goal in this field is to further the communication between our world and our friends in the spirit world and to distribute correct and positive information about the communication and its technology.

How To Conduct A Basic Ghost Box Session

Below I will explain how to do a successful RTSC box session using a Radio Shack Hack 12-469 ghost box. The explanation here can be modified to use with any model of ghost box.

First you will need to have all the essentials for your box session, first and foremost you will need of course your ghost box.

Here is the list of what you will need:

1. A working Ghost Box
2. Fresh batteries
3. Headphones or a speaker if necessary
4. A voice recorder of your choice equipped with new or freshly charged batteries
5. A positive attitude (very important)
6. An area with decent radio reception (also very important)

These are the essential tools you will need to perform a successful ghost box session. I will outline the basic steps for a ghost box session in order below.

Steps for holding a Ghost Box session:

1. Decide what the subject of your session will be and what questions you intend to ask. Speak the questions out loud, this helps your spirit communicators to get a sort of heads up and to prepare an answer before the session.

2. This step is a matter of personal preference and not absolutely necessary, I feel that it does not hurt to be more safe than sorry.

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A protection ritual and request of your spirit contacts to guard against any negative entities that may try to invade or interfere in your box session.

3. Make sure your recording device is in working order and turn it on. State your name, the date, the model of ghost box being used and the subject of the session.

4. Make Sure your Ghost Box has the batteries installed and is in working condition. Turn on your box and select your choice of band ( AM or FM ) the band choice is determined by your signal strength in your area and your personal preference.

If you are using the AM band and find it is not picking up enough of a signal to supply adequate radio sweep for the entities to form the communication you will have to use FM which is a much more active band. There is more information on sweep speed and picking a radio band below.

Whatever is sufficient to get the best incoming signal possible. My preference is the AM band, the reason being it has less clutter noise and is much more talk signal than music which I believe allows for better ability to form words.

5. With your recorder and your box on and running Say hello and ask if there are any spirits or entities that would like to communicate with you. Your second question should be to ask what technicians are in attendance and will be overseeing the session, ask for a name and greet them and thank them for their help. Always remember that all spirits where and still are people only in a different form so whatever respect and courtesy you would extend to someone in the physical use the same when interacting with your spirit communicators.

Always give approximately 8 to 12 seconds for a response from your contacts after every question or statement you deliver.

Ask your first question and wait the allotted time for a response or answer. Listen carefully to try and hear the communication in real time as they deliver it.

If an answer or response is heard in real time always acknowledge it by repeating what you heard, in the recording this is validation that you did in fact hear the communication in real time.

Continue to ask your questions and receive your communication, watch the time on your recorder.

I find that a session of approximately 8 to 10 minutes are sufficient although a session can run up to 20 minutes before the energy flow between you and your communicating entities starts to dissipate.

As your session draws to a close let your spirit technician know that you intend to end the session and ask that any and all spirits that may have traveled through the open portal that the box creates, go back or be brought back so that they will not be stuck on our side after the box is turned off. Ask for conformation that it is clear and OK to close the session and shut the box down. After this question you will have to wait for a response that you hear in real time, a response not heard in real time does you and the possible wayward spirit no good after the box has been shut down.

I have never asked for conformation of it being clear to shut down where I have not heard some sort of response in real time that it was OK. So wait for the response and you will receive it. When you get the all clear thank your spirit contacts for their effort in communicating with you and say your goodbyes. You can now shut down your box and your recorder.

Congratulations you have just completed a successful ghost box session!

It is now time to review and edit your session. You will need an audio editor for this task. There are many free downloadable audio editing software programs on the internet. I always recommend “Goldwave” to a new researcher, it is relatively easy to learn to use and is free to download.

Just type “Goldwave audio editor” into any search engine and follow the links. When you have your editor set up, load the session recording onto your computer and review it entirely in the audio editor. You will then want to do some basic editing and single out your individual files for storage and sharing on the internet.

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Sweep Speeds: Fast Or Slow?

There have been many discussions and differences of opinion concerning the “best” sweep speeds to be used to allow for optimal communication to be formed and sent by the communicating entities.

I am a firm believer in the practice of using a sweep speed that is on the slower end as apposed to a fast sweep speed. I worked out this simple hypothesis when enough people became involved in Ghost Box Communication for it to become an issue.

My belief is that the sweep speed of any Ghost Box should be fast enough so that no full words or phrases of actual radio broadcast can be regularly heard during the session but slow enough to give the communicating entity the most optimal chance at retrieving and using as many sound fragments as is necessary to form and send their communication. Let’s break it down, let’s say for example an individual spirit wishes to send a specific message, he must have at his or her disposal the right fragments of sound produced by the sweeping box in order to build the communication.

The slower sweep speed will of course lend itself to allowing a full word or two of radio broadcast to sneak through, this is the down side of using a slower sweep speed, however 99% of these stray radio words that escape being broken down by the sweep of the box are readily recognized as radio words and not communication. Solid communication has a completely unique sound and can be discerned from radio words not only by that sound but also by the relevance, content and delivery of the word phrase or sentence. The slower sweep speed will for its intent and purpose deliver as many broken down sound fragments as possible at a rate that will allow the communicating entity to grasp as many as is needed to send a particular communication and thus allowing for fuller, better quality and a larger quantity of communication.

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The opposite is to have a faster sweep speed were there is a very minute chance of a solid radio word infiltrating the sweep of the box, now realise I did not say “Impossible” but “very minute” because there is still a chance it can happen no matter how small. While the higher speed of the sweep cuts down the chance of full radio words coming through so does it cut down the chances of the communicating entity to be able to “catch” the adequate fragments of sound it may need to form the words of communication.

Think of it this way, would it be easier to catch a baseball or a bullet? the faster the sweep the harder it will be for the communicating entity to have available and to be able to utilize what it needs to form the communication. The proponents of “Fast Sweep” will tell you that by eliminating the risk of receiving full radio words that can be mistaken for communication what is received can be thought of as being more reliable as communication.

That may very well be but it is still not beyond reproach, given this school of thought the fast sweep speed will definitely decrease the quantity of stray radio signal that is received but at what cost? Like I said I am a true believer in slower sweep speeds for the reasons I have stated and it is in my opinion much more productive to make the effort to discover and eliminate any full radio words you may get and give the communicating entity the ability to send clearer and better quality communication than to simply set a fast sweep and take what ever couple of words of communication the entity was able to get through while trying to catch that bullet.

Picking A Band: Is The AM Band Better Than The FM Band?

I have had this question asked many, many, many times and my answer is personal opinion and preference, based on being one of the two founders of Ghost Box communication research and many years of research in the field is that the use of the AM band is superior for communication in quantity and quality received with the use of a Ghost Box, especially a “Hack Box” which unlike most of the custom built boxes does not have a sweep speed control feature.

In any given area of the United States the AM band is known for its majority of content being more talk radio broadcasting than music or song. Since we in Ghost Box communication (Ghost Box communication) are trying to deliver the material for entities to form communication using broken down radio broadcast our goal as communicators should be to give every possible advantage to those entities in their efforts to form that communication. I would estimate that 99.99% of all communication we receive is in the form of spoken words and not music or song and therefore the communication naturally will benefit by having the fragments of sound available in the form of syllable based sweep and not derived from music or harmonic song sources.

Let’s say for example you where trying to make Fried eggs for breakfast you would of course break the eggs into the pan carefully trying your best not to break the yolk so that your end result would be a fried egg in tact. You would certainly not put the eggs into a bowl and scramble them and expect at the end to be left with whole fried eggs with their yolks in tact.

It is the same principle for Ghost Box communication, use the right ingredients and supply the best means and you will wind up with the best results!!!

Please don’t misunderstand me the FM band is not with out merit it does have its uses, let’s say that you reside in an area that has little or low quality radio signal and reception on the AM band. This is where FM may be more useful for gleaning communication for the simple fact that it just has more clutter and a larger amount of stations broadcasting on the band than does AM. This will allow those in signally challenged areas to be able to increase their chances of getting more communication. However use of the FM band which is predominantly music based and jam packed with sound clutter will have a tendency to promote what I call “Harmonic communication” and make it very difficult to hear communication live as it is being sent amidst all the other chaotic sounds on FM. Harmonic Communication is based on the use by the entity of sound fragments derived from music and song to form their communication, this will deliver communication in a “Sing song” sounding form and it is virtually impossible to hear “Harmonic communication” live while doing a session and is more difficult to catch and understand in the review of your session recording.

So to sum up, in my experienced opinion always use the AM band for Ghost Box sessions whenever possible unless conditions are so extreme that you can only derive an adequate amount of signal to form a sweep using the FM band.

Linear Sweep Or Random Sweep?

The difference between “linear sweep” and “random sweep” is linear sweep allows the Ghost Box to sweep the radio dial in a continuous flowing fashion going from one end of the radio dial to the other and returning to the beginning to repeat the process continuously in a circular fashion. A random sweep will force the Ghost Box to jump randomly from one point on the radio dial to another, back, forth, middle etc. in any direction chaotically.

I believe that the random sweep is too chaotic for a communicating entity to grab most of the fragments needed to form the words of communication and when it is possible the task must be overwhelming. The theory behind the creation and incorporation of random sweep was that it would help to eliminate the possibility of any random words or phrases of stray radio broadcast to escape the box sweep and be mistaken for spirit communication and therefore add to the validation of any communication presented as evidence. This did not take into account the difficulty it would present to a communicating entity and in turn hinder the quantity and quality of any communication sent.

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Look at the linear sweep as “surfing or skiing” they can actually ride the flow of sweep to chase fragments if they need them. I have a new theory that when the sweep fragment is no longer heard by us it does not simply disappear it gradually dissipates which gives our friends a little more time to catch what they need to form the communication.

This I believe only happens with linear sweep, the signal is not abruptly cut off but allowed to flow continuously in a fluid fashion. Just because we perceive the signal to stop from one station to the next does not mean it doesn’t linger past that point and fade away smoothly. With the random sweep they may go to grab a fragment and then “boom” it jumps out of their reach.

Think of it as a river, the river can either freely flow to the sea or it can be abruptly stopped by a Dam, if you place a life preserver floating on the river and allowed it to freely go on it’s way it would shortly be gone from sight but continue to float on that river endlessly until the river reached it’s destination.

On the other hand if the life preserver were to be placed on the river within sight of a dam the preserver would abruptly come to a stop and the dam would not allow any further travel of the preserver.

It is the same for the sweep signal, linear sweep will allow the signal to travel a further distance than we can perceive audibly but with a random sweep the abrupt change or continuous interruption of the sweep will not allow for this free flowing frequency.

Tips For Ghost Box Sessions In The Field

When you do a session at a field location and not in a controlled environment the other individuals present during the session will have a tendency to yell out what they believe they heard as communication while the session is in progress. The result of this is that you have who ever is present talking or shouting out words and responses, this can cause the communication in the session to get “Stepped On” therefore eradicating communication that may have been heard in real time or found in review of the session recording that could have been vital to the validation of your investigation also this type of activity will pollute the session recording making it very difficult upon review to discern what is communication and what are spectator voices.

This is very hard to control as people tend to get excited when they believe they have heard true communication and especially if it pertains to the subject of the investigation. Who ever is conducting the session needs to be in control of the session, tell all who are in attendance prior to the session to please refrain from shouting out responses or acknowledgment of the communication and that it will be revealed upon review of the recording and discussed after the session is complete, if need be explain why you are making this request.

The person conducting the session should be the predominant question asker, if others in attendance would like to pose questions the lead communicator should give them the opportunity one at a time to ask the question and then respond to any communication they hear in real time. Explain that this will be isolated in review of the session recording and filed separately as a file of its own.

The control of the field session will not only keep order during a session but will serve to insure that all possible communication is heard and or recognised in the session recording.

Spiritual Protection During A Ghost Box Session

You may feel it necessary to keep yourself safe and protected while communicating with spirits. This is just a small ritual that I have found works great for me.

You should know that the best protection against negative entities is the power of a positive and pure attitude during a session.

If you feel that you are stressed or upset avoid doing a session until you feel better.the protection prayer:

“I am envisioning a bright white light of purity, peace and love starting at the top of my head and working it’s way down around my physical

and spiritual body and covering me like a cocoon of goodness. I ask that this light act as a shield to protect me from any negativity or negative

spirits or entities that would try to do me harm. I ask this in the name of the lord Jesus Christ (if you believe) if not you can replace his name with good and pure spirits.”

Then ask your technician spirits to block any negative energy or entities from coming through the box. At the end of the session request that any entities that may have come through the box(you will be referring to good spirits also) Please return . Give it a few seconds and ask your tech’s for conformation of their return when it is ok to end the session and turn the box off. This has worked well for me and since I have started to do this ritual I have not had any problems.

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Bruce Halliday is a paranormal investigator best known for his pioneering work with the Ghost Box. With a passion for gaining a greater understanding of realtime spirit communication, Bruce dedicates much of his research to methods of instrumental transcommunication, including electronic voice phenomenon.

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