Horror production company launches a drive-in haunted house

“With the virus, I knew there would be no way we could have a traditional haunted house, with all that screaming in a small confined space,” company founder Kenta Iwana told CNN Travel. “When I read that drive-through theaters were making a comeback, it was my ‘aha’ moment.”

The haunted house costs $75 for customers who bring their own cars, or $85 to borrow a car from the company. The borrowed cars feature protective plastic on the inside that is changed for each customer.

The vehicles pull into a garage and are treated a simulation of being trapped inside a vehicle being attacked by zombies and ghosts.

Customers’ vehicles are cleaned after each performance, but the company cautions that some fake blood may remain.

“We cannot remove every drop of blood. It will be clean enough to drive on the road,” Kowagarasetai’s website states.

Source: UPI

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