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If you are looking for some new paranormal entertainment then check out Haunted The Truth YouTube Channel

Haunted The Truth are a non profit paranormal investigation team from the UK who investigate haunted locations to see if they can first debunk claims of a place being haunted and if it cant be debunked they investigate to see what spirits or entities they could be dealing with.

They say “As Haunted The truth we are paranormal investigators that don’t actively search for proof of ghosts we prefer to debunk claims of ghosts first and then if we can’t then explore what it is were dealing with. The idea is if were told a place is haunted we will check it out do a search and decide.”

In one of their episodes ‘Poltergeist Halloween special’ filmed on Halloween last year the team were invited to investigate a regular house which was said to be haunted by a poltergeist. They spent 2 nights investigating the house and recorded what could actually be poltergeist activity.

During the investigation they were filming in the attic of the home and recorded a toy doll rocking and falling over by itself as if someone was moving it.

Was it a poltergeist?  Can it be debunked?

They said “We spent 2 night (10 hours) in one of the most unusual locations we have been and could not debunk some of the things we encountered.

“A lot of the time was spent sitting and waiting and this has been edited down for the sake of entertainment but everything you see is real.

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“We would love to say to people where this was to allow more investigations but the owners do not want the publicity and we agreed not to”.

You can watch their Poltergeist episode below but also check out Haunted The Truth’s YouTube channel for more episodes and investigations.

Do you think there is a poltergeist in the house?


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