Haunted Pet Shop Claims Deceased Pets’ Ghosts Are Roaming the Aisles

A pet shop near Dagenham is claiming that it’s being haunted by the ghosts of pets who have passed away. The store’s manager says that staff have been experiencing strange occurrences around the shop and believe it to be caused by the spirits of deceased animals.

According to Paws & Claws manager, Mike Thompson, employees have been hearing strange noises and sensing a presence in the store, especially during the night. They have also noticed that some of the animals’ toys move on their own, as if being played with by an invisible force.

Mike called in a team of local paranormal experts to spend the night in the haunted aisles. The team concluded that the store, which is located on the outskirts of Barking, was built on the site of an old pet cemetery that was thought to have been relocated many years ago.

According to the investigators from Essex Spirit Chasers, the spirits of the animals have been trapped in the store ever since it was built, and have been seen playing with toys, knocking over food bowls, and even leaving paw prints on the floor.

After consulting with a psychic medium, Gabriel Raines, the team confirmed that the shop is indeed being haunted by the spirits of deceased pets. The medium claims that the pets are attracted to the store’s selection of living animals and the friendly environment that they provide.

Customers at the pet store have reported seeing their purchases mysteriously disappear, only to be found in a completely different aisle later on. The pet shop’s staff attribute this to the playful nature of the ghostly pets.

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Some customers have reported feeling a cold nose nudge against their hand, only to turn around and find that no physical animal is present. Mike claims that this is a common occurrence, as the ghostly pets still love to greet customers and show affection.

Rather than being afraid of the paranormal activity, the staff have decided to embrace it and have even started setting up special toys and treats for the ghostly visitors. They have also started offering pet psychic readings to customers who are interested in communicating with their deceased pets.

“I lost my dog a few years ago, and it would be amazing to think that he could still be with me in some way,” said local resident, Karen Williams. “I always look forward to visiting the store to see if I can spot any ghostly pets.”

“It’s a bit eerie at times, but we believe that these pets’ spirits are here to help us and our customers,” said Mike. “We’re grateful for their presence and the positive impact that they’ve had on our business.”

While some may be skeptical of the store’s claims, Mike insist that the paranormal activity is real and that it has had a positive impact on their business. “We hope that people will continue to come to our store to experience the loving energy of these pets’ spirits,” said Mike. “They may be gone, but they will never be forgotten.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Essex Spirit Chasers lead investigator, Sarah Johnson. “These ghosts are very active and seem to be very happy. It’s almost like they don’t realise they’re dead.”

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During the investigation she led of the cat toys section, the team suddenly heard a meow. They turned around to find that no cats were present, but the sound of a meow continued on and off for several minutes. The investigators believe that this is the ghost of a playful kitten who loves to tease customers.

Having set up night vision cameras around the store, the team caught several instances of pet toys moving on their own, even when there were no customers or employees nearby. Sarah have joked that the ghostly pets must be having a game of catch after hours.

The team also reported feeling a tug on their clothing, as if a small animal was trying to get their attention. They believe that this is the ghost of a mischievous puppy who loves to play pranks on customers.

Essex Spirit Chasers are currently working on documenting their findings and plan to release a report in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the shop remains open for business, and customers are encouraged to keep an eye out for any paranormal activity while they shop.

Mike has reassured customers that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Shoppers who have visited Paws & Claws have reported feeling a warm and loving energy, and some have even claimed to have seen the ghosts of pets wandering the aisles.

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