Ghostbusters record “Demonic Entity” on high-tech thermal camera

A group of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators on an overnight stake out at infamous supernatural hotspot, The Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, UK, got more than they bargained for and may have captured solid evidence of the paranormal – at what is believed by many to be the UK’s most haunted building.

The team of researchers from ‘Gloucester Ghost Walks’ and ‘Triplemoon Paranormal’ regularly give public tours of haunted venues around Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

Using an array of methods and technical gadgets, including a Ouija board, spirit boxes and EMF meters, the ghost busters recorded a range of anomalies, from doors opening and closing, to moving furniture, and from unexplained fluctuations in electromagnetic frequencies, to apparently audible spoken messages coming through the spirit-box, but it was the thermal camera (borrowed from a local big cat tracker) that yielded the most shocking and unexpected paranormal evidence – A HEAT SIGNATURE IN AN EMPTY CHAIR!


Paranormal tour guide, Denise, witnessed the strange incident and saw “a mist form over the chair, like something was sitting in it”, adding “it happened in the Bishop’s Room.”

‘The Bishop’s Room’ is said to be the most haunted room in the building.

Another investigator said: “Thermal cameras see in infrared, meaning they record heat and display it in a way we can easily understand. It’s what the police use to find suspects at night – the bodies of warm blooded animals like humans give off a lot of heat which we cannot see with our naked eyes, but we can with the thermal camera.

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“So quite how there was a heat signature in an empty chair which no one had been using beforehand is beyond me. It’s as if an invisible creature or demonic entity was sat in it.”

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