Getting Into the Mind of an Alien Abductee: It’s Wild but Fascinating

Charlie, an alien abductee, contacted me in late 2016. It was on January 2, 2015 that Charlie had an encounter that he wishes he could forever forget. Unfortunately, that seems unlikely. The event in question is embedded in his mind and, in all likelihood, will remain there. As Charlie told me, when we met at the annual Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, Texas in October 2016, he has conscious recall of the abduction, which occurred when he was nineteen years of age. At the time, Charlie was living at home, which was a small house in a quiet, isolated area on the fringes of the city. His parents were out of town at the time, visiting old friends in Florida for a post-Christmas Day celebration. Charlie was stretched out on the couch, watching TV – around 2:00 a.m. – when he suddenly had a weird compulsion to go to the living-room window. He cautiously opened the blinds slightly, to see a police-car parked right outside of the house. He stared at it for a few moments, debating whether or not he should go outside and ask the police if all was okay, which is exactly what he finally did. But, this was no normal encounter with the police.

Charlie explained that as he walked down the drive, he started to feel antsy and worried – but he didn’t really know why. It wasn’t just the presence of the police vehicle: it was almost as if he was “half-awake,” as Charlie worded it, and as if he was in a bizarre dream-like world. He likened to the theme of the 1999 movie starring Keanu Reeves, The Matrix, in which the human race is unknowingly living in a virtual-reality world created by hostile, advanced machines. As Charlie cautiously approached the car, he could see that the driver was staring intently at him, and as if he knew in advance that Charlie would come outside and walk to the car. What really frightened Charlie, though, was the look on the face of the police-officer: he had what Charlie called “a really weird smile.” I asked Charlie what he meant by that and he said that it was “an insane smile; like crazy and dangerous.” Even stranger, the man’s partner was also staring intently at Charlie, and with an equally unsettling grin, too. Then, things became a blur. The car and the two officers vanished. In their place was an egg-shaped object around the size of a large truck. 

(Nick Redfern) When an alien abductee shares all their UFO secrets.

Charlie tried to run back to the safety of the house. No luck. He felt like he was running in slow motion – and getting slower by the step. The next thing Charlie recalled was standing in a field that backed onto woods behind the family’s home. The two men were standing before him, but this time they didn’t look like police-officers. Rather, they were classic Men in Black: they had the dark suits, old-style fedora hats, and pale skin and enlarged eyes. They weren’t locals, to say the least. The pair of MIB grabbed Charlie and hauled him aboard an egg-shaped object, which was, he said “about the size of a school bus,” and which was hovering about three-feet off the ground. In what seemed like only seconds, but which he felt, later, had to have been longer, Charlie found himself dressed in an outfit that reminded him of “a surgeon’s scrubs.” And, he was lying horizontal on a long, thin bed. Terror kicked in when Charlie found himself unable to move: his wrists, arms and ankles were shackled to the bed. His heart thumped wildly. Even more so when he saw three small figures walk into the room and stand next to the bed – two on the left side and one on the right. They were all around four-and-a-half-feet to five-feet in height, had large hairless heads, and huge black eyes. 

One of the creatures touched Charlie on his right shoulder, something which instantly created an image in his mind of the Earth coming to an end: the planet was in ruins, entire nations were destroyed, billions were dead, thick clouds completely blocked out the Sun, and gigantic, radioactive mushroom clouds dominated just about everywhere. It was clear that World War Three had begun. It had ended, too. And the human race was also at its end. Suddenly, the horrific, cataclysmic vision was gone. Worse was to come though: Charlie could feel something cold and metallic in his nostril; “like a probe,” are the words that he used to describe the nature of the object. He felt his fingers clench, his toes too. He heard a popping sound in his head, which led to another, graphic vision. This one was very different, though. It was of the Earth, but thousands of years after nuclear Armageddon.

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The world was finally repairing itself. What was left of our great cities were swamped by massive vegetation, trees, bushes, vines, and moss. Nature was reclaiming the planet. Not even one person was in sight. There was, however, an abundance of wildlife. Animals were everywhere, playing, eating, sleeping and roaming around. The implication – as Charlie saw it – was that the aliens were telling him that we, the Human Race, “had our chance and screwed it all up.” So, it was time for other lifeforms to hold the position of the number one species on the planet. In our place, were the animals which we kept as pets, for food, and as entertainment in zoos and circuses – and, of course, countless numbers of wild animals. We were nothing but memories, maybe not even that. Interestingly, Charlie told me that he felt a world without people was not a bad thing at all. For the Human Race, yes, of course it was a tragedy. But, for the rest of just about every other living thing on the planet, it was a relief. 

(Nick Redfern) Why do alien abductees dream of nuclear war? Are the images implanted deliberately? And, if so, why?

Charlie’s mind then swung right back to that sterile room; the three alien entities were still standing around him. He suddenly realized that the device in his nose had gone. He suggested to me that, perhaps, that same device had the ability to insert images into a person’s mind. On that same track, Charlie suggested that perhaps what he saw were not literal views of the future. He had pondered on the idea that maybe what he had seen was something like a highly sophisticated virtual-reality game – a game designed to warn him of what could happen, rather than something which was definitely going to occur. Moments later, Charlie found himself on the front-yard of the family home – with no idea how he got there. And at the edge of the drive was that same police car, the same officers too. Both were leaning towards him, still wearing those disturbing smiles. The car then slowly drove away – in complete silence and vanished into the darkness of the early morning. Charlie stared into that same darkness for a few minutes, then shakily made his way to bed. He woke up the next morning feeling feverish, cold and exhausted. A visit to his doctor revealed a severe chest infection, which took several weeks to clear up.  

When I spoke with Charlie, he admitted to me that in the aftermath of the encounter he started to read a great deal of books on the subject of alien abductions, and had come to believe that the police car and the two officers amounted to nothing less than a screen-memory. He suspected that perhaps the vehicle was really a UFO and that his mind was “made to remember seeing a car.” There was one other thing that Charlie wanted to share with me – and to get my opinion on too. It all revolved around another abduction. But, this one was not a kidnapping by aliens, but by what Charlie was sure was some clandestine arm of the U.S. military. Charlie found it intriguing – and so did I – that the follow-up incident occurred when his parents were yet again out of town, just a month or so later. He admitted that he felt more than a bit concerned. This does make sense: as was the case on the previous occasion, he was all alone and on a piece of property that was very much isolated. And, when the Sun set, the area was overwhelmed by the darkness of winter. It was the perfect location from which to take someone and have no-one else have any inkling of what had happened. Now, there was a possibility that the same thing was going to happen again. The day began normally: Charlie had a bunch of chores to do, then hung out with several friend in the afternoon, at a restaurant. By the time he got home it was around 6:00 p.m. and he was ready to watch a couple of movies he had recorded.

Around 9:00 p.m., the phone rang out. The ID displayed two words: “Private Caller.” Charlie chose to let it go to answerphone. As the recorded voice of his father kicked in, the person at the other end of the line abruptly hung up. The same thing happened about twenty minutes later, and about an hour after that. After the fourth time, Charlie answered the phone, shouting: “Who the fuck is this?” Again, the line went dead. Charlie went to the living-room window. No-one was there. And, thankfully, there was no police car either. Whether it was due to nerves or something else, Charlie had a strange dizzy spell which lasted for just a few moments and which forced him to sit down lie down on the couch. The odd feeling soon went away. Charlie didn’t know it but worse was to come. 

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(Nick Redfern) Beware of the Men in Black.

Charlie told me that at some point he fell asleep on the couch, and was woken up – at what time, he wasn’t sure – by a man in a black, military-style outfit, whose gloved hand was firmly over Charlie’s mouth. The man, a thirty-something with a southern accent, warned him not to say a word. As Charlie frantically tried to fight back, two other men – both dressed the same – sprung out of the shadows, ensuring that Charlie had no chance of getting away. As the three held Charlie, and as one told him to quit trying to fight them, another man in fatigues came out of the kitchen and quickly injected something into Charlie’s arm. The next thing he remembered was waking up in the back of a large van, surrounded by the four men who had somehow stealthily invaded his home. Or, at least, he assumed they were the same men: everything was, unsurprisingly, a blur. He found himself sitting in a chair, as were the four men. The van and the seats had clearly been converted, said Charlie, to allow for some sort of interrogation to proceed – which is exactly what happened. A needle was inserted into Charlie’s upper left arm and he was injected with something that calmed him down significantly – and very quickly, too.

While the men were not overly threatening, they were certainly forceful when it came to telling Charlie that they required him to answer all of their questions and, afterwards, to say nothing to anyone. He didn’t, until he came up to my book-table at the Bigfoot gig, which was more than a year later. They wanted answers to more than a few questions: how long had he been interested in the UFO subject? Charlie replied, truthfully, that he had no interest prior to the very strange encounter of January 2, 2015. Had he ever had any dreams about extraterrestrials and UFOs? No. Was he vegetarian? No, Charlie was not. But, he admitted to having urges to stop eating meat and which had begun just a few weeks before.

Then, the situation became more intriguing – and, for Charlie, disturbing too. One of the men leaned forward and told Charlie that they knew all about his encounter of the very close type, which had occurred just after the new-year, and said they wanted him to share with them every aspect of the incident that he could remember. He said his mouth was dry and he asked for something to drink. He was given a bottle of water from a blue cooler in the corner of the van. After knocking back most of the water, Charlie told the men what he had seen – while one of the them recorded his words on a hand-held device. He shared with them the issue of the police-car which he suspected was not really a police-car, after all. And, he described how the two supposed police-officers morphed into a pair of MIB, something which seemed to catch the particular attention of the men, since they asked Charlie to describe their appearance and their clothing.

Charlie’s description of a vision of worldwide nuclear war provoked the one man who asked more questions than the others to ask if he, Charlie, had any firm ideas as to which cities were destroyed. Charlie admitted that he had no idea, but he said that the images in his head led him to believe that the war was global: no-one was free of the destruction. And, he added, that the sky was thick with dark clouds as far as the eye could see, was a good indication of the scale of the event. The same man asked, in words broadly as follows: “So this was not a limited strike?” Charlie replied that, no, it was not. He went on to share the vision he had of a future Earth which was empty of people, and how the animals had reclaimed the world for themselves. Then, Charlie made a big mistake – although, he wasn’t to realize that until it was too late.

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After sharing the story of the world of the future and a devastating Third World War, Charlie mentioned the issue of the aliens inserting something into one of his nostrils. For a moment, there was silence, after which the main man told Charlie to listen to him. And to listen to him very carefully. In what was clearly a rare example of frankness and openness in the world of MILABS, the same man explained to Charlie that we have in our midst a dangerous race of extraterrestrials who are routinely implanting devices into large numbers of the American population – devices that have the ability to control us and manipulate us as they see fit. Very controversially, Charlie claimed the man told him that certain mass-shootings were the work of implanted individuals who were enslaved by the aliens. The number of implanted people was growing by the day, Charlie was told, and we, the human race, are losing the battle at a shockingly fast pace. He also told Charlie that the primary insertion point for the implants was the nose. Charlie was then informed that they would need to “scan” him, to see if he too had been implanted. One of the other men leaned forward and almost casually waved a small device, “like a hairdryer,” over Charlie’s face and head, after which the man said something like, “It’s okay: he’s clean.” Looking back on things, Charlie suspected the man had performed the same task on numerous, other occasions – which is why he was almost blasé about the whole thing. 

The team then confided in Charlie that not only was the nostril the entrance point for the implantation, but it was also through the nostril that the aliens could temporarily insert devices that would provoke graphic imagery into the minds of the targeted individuals. To everyone’s relief, Charlie fell into the second category, rather than the far more ominous first group. Notably, the man added that the implantation issue was viewed by those in the know as a threat equally as great as that posed by the likes of rogue nations seeking to gain or create nuclear weapons. With all that now done, Charlie was driven back to his home – and actually given an apology for the rough handling several hours earlier. Notably, Charlie realized that the drive from where the questioning took place to his home only took about fifteen or twenty minutes, revealing to him that after he had been taken by the men, they had parked fairly close by. He also recalled that for the first five or six minutes, the drive back was extremely bumpy. This led Charlie to suspect that the van was on a dirt road, maybe one which ran through nearby woods. Maybe, said Charlie, it was in the woods where the interrogation occurred. It made sense. On arriving back at his home, a door was opened, Charlie got out, one of the men nodded at him, the door was closed, and the van was quickly gone.

It’s not surprising that Charlie didn’t get any sleep that night, as his mind – in a fair degree of turmoil – kept him wide awake. Of course, there is the fairly significant, and curious, fact that the MILABS team felt the need to share so much highly-classified data with Charlie. Was this as a means to get the word out, subtly, as to what was going on under our noses, and literally so? After all, Charlie didn’t stay quiet: he told me, and now I sharing it with you, an untold number of people. So, maybe, there was a plan to share the facts with Charlie, knowing that he probably wouldn’t keep his mouth shut. The good-cop/bad-cop routine may well have been skillfully orchestrated to see what not only Charlie’s response was, but even those now reading this very book, as well as many others focused on the alien abduction controversy. Charlie also said to me that he felt a high degree of sympathy for the men who abducted him – “It must be a tough thing to hide,” he said – and which made me suspect that he was affected by a small degree of Stockholm Syndrome, a condition which makes the captured develop an affinity with the captor. The idea that hordes of hostile aliens could be secretly implanting who knows how many people does, admittedly, sound like wild sci-fi. Many believe the scenario.

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