For the first time fast moving underwater UFO/USO caught on film

The video below of the fast-moving underwater object is not the first evidence of USO phenomenon.

USOs, or Unidentified Submerged Objects, are any objects or optical or mechanical detection phenomena of unknown origin observed under water that remain unidentified even after thorough investigation.

USOs have been reported by eyewitnesses, submariners, and even astronomers for decades. Some USOs are said to be able to move at incredible speeds and maneuver in ways that defy conventional physics.

Some USOs are also associated with UFO sightings, suggesting a possible connection between the two phenomena. One of the most active areas for USO sightings is Puerto Rico, a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea, where many strange objects have been seen in the depths.

On June 29, 2019 a deep ocean ROV (remotely operated vehicle) captured at a depth of 1789 meters a UFO/USO passing the ROV at high speed.

This USO/UFO footage was filmed with a work class ROV at an ocean depth of 5870 Feet (1789 Meters) in the Gulf of Mexico. The USO was untethered and was operating at a depth that prevented any kind of remote operation.

While the footage quality isn’t excellent, ROV operators that have seen the footage have no idea what the object may have been but concluded that it is not organic.

The USO demonstrated advanced AI operation, construction, and power management capabilities that are not known in the commercial ROV world.

Timestamps Video:

1. Context from an ROV Operator (00:30)
2. USO Footage (12:00)
3. USO Replay (12:40)
4. USO Slow Motion (13:00)

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This footage is further proof that these USOs do exist and have been with us for as long as airborne UFOs have. We only need to recognize and understand this phenomenon whether they are of extraterrestrial origin or military.

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