First “Official” Loch Ness Monster Sighting Report of 2024 Features Photo Taken by Witness

“[The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register] got in touch within 24 hours. They were super excited. They sent it to one of their Loch Ness experts who said that it was ‘compelling evidence,’ I believe was the exact phrase,” Malm said. “And just one thing led to another. I mean, it’s been incredible.”

The family’s story and photo have received widespread publicity, although there is no consensus on what, exactly, they saw.

“We don’t know what we saw. Our children believe we saw Nessie, and I believe it for them,” Wiseman said. “I believe that we saw something that could be Nessie, and that is a very broad possibility.”

But Nessie researcher Alan McKenna is more certain that there is a prosaic explanation for the sighting.

“I’m not convinced,” he wrote in a post to the Loch Ness Exploration Facebook group. “As always, I’m open to be corrected, but in this case I’m fairly confident that we’ve all seen this particular object many times before.”

McKenna shared several photos taken by different witnesses on various dates; each showing the same object “captured from the very same spot and angle,” near Urqhart Castle.

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