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The paranormal documentary Demon House will soon be turned into a Netflix movie. The streaming giant has purchased the rights for the movie for $65 million. Demon House was made famous by Ghost Adventures investigator Zak Bagans. The property was purchased in Gary, Indiana and gained notoriety in becoming the Demon House, which they named the documentary after.

The movie is slated to star Glenn Close, Octavia Spencer, Andra Day, Rob Morgan, Aunjanue Ellis and Caleb McLaughlin. It’s likely to be set as a fictional thriller, although it revolves around actual life events. Lee Daniels will direct, with production scheduled for later 2022. It will not involve the original house, as it was demolished in 2016. There is no confirmation if the movie will follow the events that occurred within Demon House.

Andra Day will play the role of Latoya Ammons. She became known from news reports appearances, after claiming the rented home in Gary, Indiana was haunted. Latoya claimed that she and her three children witnessed paranormal activity, which included dark shadows, poltergeist activity, levitation, and disembodied footsteps.

Living conditions for the family only worsened. Latoya was told that the house had succumbed to 200 separate demons. It reached a boiling point when Latoya’s son became possessed. They transported him to a hospital, where staff and family watched him walk backwards up a wall.

Desperate for refuge, she sought help from a local catholic church. The priest tried helping the family by performing many exorcisms. These failed repeatedly, and they deemed the house as a portal to Hell. Latoya ended up selling all rights to her story, which were gained by film producer Tucker Tooley.

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