Cube UFO seen flying at high altitude and filmed by Pilot

An airline pilot has shared bizarre footage of a cube-shaped UFO soaring across the sky.

The cockpit view appears to show a metallic object flying at hypersonic speed over Columbia, without any obvious means of propulsion.

An extraordinary 4-minute clip, allegedly shot by a commercial pilot with Viva Air, shows the cubic structure shoot pass the aircraft at a distance.

Zooming in to object at high altitude, it clearly resembles a cube and appears to glide down through the clouds in a controlled manner, at an angle.

It was first posted via TikTok by a user called CesarinMP, before being uploaded to YouTube on January 31.

An explanation for the UFO has not been given, but some netizens speculate it may be a rogue weather balloon or kite.

Others suggested the item resembled a Borg spaceship from the Sci-fi series Star Trek.

Geometric shapes are a common characteristic of UFOs.

Other ‘cubes’ have been spotted before, including by NASA.

In January UFO spotters were sent into a frenzy after watching a clip of “block-shaped” object hovering over Georgia, US.

In the clip, the object appears to float aimlessly in the crystal clear blue sky and appears to move slowly and steadily across the screen.

Then a massive cube-shaped object was captured by NASA’s solar and heliospheric observatory (SOHO) flying into the sun in late 2018.

The UFO appears square in shape and with a trail of smoke or gas following behind as it descends into the star.

Source: Daily Star

What do you think it could be?


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