Jack Osbourne goes UFO hunting with friends at Skinwalker Ranch

Jack Osbourne’s third instalment of his ‘Night of Terror’s’ series sees him hunting UFOs at Skinwalker Ranch.

Jack is taking viewers to the edge of the unknown in the new, two-hour special, Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: UFOs, launching Saturday, September 3rd on discovery+.

In his latest quest, Osbourne teams up with his actor friends Jason Mewes (ClerksJay and Silent Bob Strike Back) and Jamie Kennedy (ScreamSon of the Mask) to venture out on an out-of-this-world journey for answers behind the strange activity surrounding Utah’s Uinta Basin.

This infamous basin and its vast desert landscape are shrouded in supernatural mystery, and sightings of otherworldly visitors date back centuries.

Home to the infamous paranormal hotspot Skinwalker Ranch, the Uinta Basin is a highly active supernatural site.

Reports of UFO sightings and alien abductions have long defined this area. In recent years, strange creatures and shapeshifters have appeared to residents, unexplainable lights fly across the skies, and rumours of government tests and installations are widely circulated.

Gathering intel from witnesses and experts, including UFO expert Ben Hansen, Osbourne, Mewes, and Kennedy embark on an unflinching investigation to figure out if these phenomena are connected and why the strange activity is so concentrated in this area.

Armed with state-of-the-art technology and specialty equipment, the trio venture on a multi-part investigation throughout the rugged and isolated landscape.

Witnessing unexplained aerial phenomena in the skies, mysterious lights, and perplexing shadow figures, they’re convinced the area is a supernatural melting pot. But when Osbourne captures a particularly unusual creature on camera, it leaves them with more confounding questions deepening the mystery of a realm beyond.

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“I’ve been obsessed with the concept of whether or not we’re alone since I was a kid staring up at the stars,” Osbourne shared in a statement. “The Uinta Basin has fascinated me for years — it’s a mecca for alien and supernatural activity. People are drawn here for specific things but when you come here looking for it, you often find something you’re not looking for. I’ve never been to any place like this. It’s its own realm.”

Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: UFO’s premieres on discovery+ on September 3rd.

Will you be watching?  What did you think of his previous Night of Terror shows?


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