Couple took a selfie and caught a ghostly figure in military uniform

Georgia Renshaw-Smith and her boyfriend Ross Cheeseman celebrated Georgia’s birthday at London’s Quaglino’s restaurant and happily photographed themselves on their phones, taking selfies.

But when they began to look at the photos, in one of them they saw an eerie male figure, whose ribs and spine seemed to be visible. The figure seemed to be dressed in military uniform, and the face was somehow distorted, pale and with an open mouth.

“I took one or two photos, but my girlfriend didn’t like them, so I took another one. And in this photo, when we looked at it, you can see what looks like a ghost in the background. I think the ghostly figure looks like an ex-military man with broad shoulders and a uniform,” says Ross.

When they showed this photo to Georgia’s relatives, they initially thought that they had simply asked someone to stand there or had done something else for fun. But then they looked at other pictures on Ross’s phone and believed it was real.

The time between photos was only a few seconds and no strange people in military uniform were visible in the other photos.

Image: Kennedy News and Media

“He looks like a translucent ghost as you can see his spine and ribs, and I think he has some sort of headband or headdress on his head.”

Since capturing the image in 2021, he claims family members still bring it up today and many online have come to share their amazement at capturing “the best ghost picture ever”.

“We later showed this picture to the waiters and waitresses and asked if they had ever seen anything like this before. They were all scared.”

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Ross says he doesn’t believe in ghosts, but since it’s a fairly old restaurant, in business since 1929, and has been visited by a lot of people in its time, including celebrities and royalty, “it’s a pretty good place for a ghost.”

“I’m not even sure if I believe in ghosts but showing this picture to experts on the matter and hearing them say it’s the most convincing ghost picture they have ever seen does certainly make me think ‘what if?’

“At first I didn’t really know what to do with the picture as it was so good, I assumed people would just think it’s fake, it’s not until I showed people in work and they insisted I get it out and about.

“Now I’m thrilled that this picture is getting seen by people because it really does need to be seen. Could I have accidentally captured the best ghost picture ever? Who knows?”

The restaurant dates back to 1929, has been a favourite among celebrity A-listers as well as a string of royals, having played host to Judy Garland’s wedding reception in 1969 and enjoyed Prince Harry as a regular in recent years.

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