woman suddenly froze in the street

Thousands of social media users were surprised by the mysterious video in which a woman appeared to be completely frozen halfway down the street.

The video, published by an anonymous user on TikTok, instantly went viral and divided the Internet community into skeptics and supporters of the fact that something incredible lies behind the scenes.

The video, which was posted on Wednesday (July 12) shows a woman standing in the street, completely motionless, as cars drive past her. This strange “glitch” has led many to wonder: what if the reality we live in is not what it seems?

The video quickly received over 468,000 likes, causing a lot of different theories among viewers.

One of the users noticed that even the wind does not move the woman’s clothes or hair, which looks strange. Others have suggested that the woman may have “passed out for a second”, as if she had fallen into the realm of a technological glitch, like in the sci-fi movie The Matrix.

Most interesting is how the video has split society into believers and doubters. Some are sure that this is proof that The Matrix is ​​not fiction, but reality. They believe that glitches like this could be proof of the existence of parallel universes or the complex virtual worlds we live in.

However, there were also skeptics who consider the video just a paused video or a clever advertising idea.

They noted that there are many videos with similar “glitches” on the network, but in real life no one has ever come across something like this.

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