Brazilian actor shoots video of UFO chasing his flight from Rio

Brazilian actor Rodrigo Andrade posted a video on his Facebook page which he shot during a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Campinas.

He said that the footage shows the aircraft he was flying in was being followed by a UFO.  It was following him for around 25 minutes and did not appear on radar or was captured by the control tower.

The video was shot in October 2013 but apparently he didn’t want share the video for fear that the repercussions would undermine his work.

When posting the video Rodrigo said:

Hi , class, much thought should be posting this video or not. Anyway, I decided to publish …

We were flying as three, me, pilot and co-pilot, when an unidentified object appeared and followed our aircraft for about 25 minutes “

In the video the pilot, identified only as Tadeu says: “There seems to be a star, seems to be something we’re not identifying I spoke with Rio control and he told me that there is no traffic in this region. We noticed that there is a change in light intensity. ”

The full co-pilot then says: “It’s the first time I see an unidentified traffic.” And Rodrigo then jokes, “Mistéééério.”

According to UFO Magazine, Rodrigo agreed to give the video to the magazine’s experts to analyze.

What do you think?  Was his plane being followed by a UFO or is there a more logical explanation?



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