10 most famous UFO incidents from around the world

From intriguing eyewitness accounts to unexplained phenomena, UFO incidents have always sparked curiosity, debate, and speculation.

As today is ‘World UFO Day‘ I thought I would write a top 10 of the most famous UFO incidents from around the world.

Roswell Incident (1947)

The Roswell Incident remains the most famous UFO case. It all began when an alleged UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The U.S. military initially claimed it was a weather balloon, but conspiracy theories of a crashed alien spacecraft persist to this day.

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Rendlesham Forest Incident (1980)

Often referred to as “Britain’s Roswell,” the Rendlesham Forest Incident occurred in Suffolk, England. U.S. military personnel stationed at the RAF Woodbridge base witnessed strange lights and a triangular craft in the forest. The incident continues to be one of the most compelling UFO encounters in history.

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Phoenix Lights (1997)

On March 13, 1997, thousands of people in Phoenix, Arizona, witnessed a series of lights in a V-formation silently gliding across the sky. The Phoenix Lights event is widely debated, with skeptics offering explanations ranging from military flares to natural phenomena.

Betty and Barney Hill Abduction (1961)

Betty and Barney Hill’s story of abduction in New Hampshire, USA, is one of the first widely publicised claims of alien abduction. Under hypnosis, the couple recounted their encounter with extraterrestrial beings aboard a spacecraft, becoming an iconic case in UFO lore.

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Battle of Los Angeles (1942)

Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, a massive aerial object triggered a widespread alarm in Los Angeles. The military responded with a barrage of anti-aircraft artillery, but no wreckage was found. The incident remains a subject of debate and speculation.

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Belgian UFO Wave (1989-1990)

Belgium experienced a wave of UFO sightings during 1989-1990. Witnesses, including police officers and military personnel, reported seeing triangular-shaped objects with bright lights. The Belgian UFO Wave is one of the largest mass sightings ever recorded.

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Westall UFO Incident (1966)

In Melbourne, Australia, more than 200 students and teachers at Westall High School witnessed a silver disc-shaped object descending into a nearby field. The incident remains unexplained, with multiple witnesses testifying to the existence of the object.

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Shag Harbour Incident (1967)

The Shag Harbour Incident is often referred to as Canada’s Roswell. Witnesses observed a glowing object crash into the waters off Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. The Canadian government conducted an investigation, but no definitive explanation was ever found.

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Zimbabwe UFO Incident (1994)

At a school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, over 60 children claimed to have seen a spacecraft land near their playground. The children described encountering beings with large eyes. The incident stands as one of the most remarkable UFO encounters involving children.

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The Nimitz Encounter (2004)

The Nimitz Encounter gained prominence when footage recorded by U.S. Navy pilots was declassified in 2017. The video shows an unidentified object displaying exceptional speed and maneuverability. This incident sparked renewed interest in UFOs among the public and officials alike.

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While skeptics argue for conventional explanations, these top 10 UFO incidents have left a lasting impact on popular culture, UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, spanning over seven decades.


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