Bizarre donut-shaped UFOs sighted in England

In footage released this week, a local family based in England, UK shared footage of five UFOs hovering in the skies during daylight. At one point of the video, you can clearly see that these UFOs were donut-shaped which is one of the more common shapes associated with UFOs, due their hole in the middle. Although some commented that these may have been drones, the movement of these objects and unusual shape, made them very unusual looking and possible UFOs. As seen, these UFOs seemed to be performing 360 degree turns in mid-air. The footage was captured in South London, with the witness commenting “That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.”

This incident was recorded by Mark Banks, 38, a postman from Welling, London and was said to last for around 10 minutes. Interestingly, this area has been a bit of a historical hotspot for UFO sightings over the years. Over the years, Epping Forest based in London has had many UFO encounters that have made the news. Many of these sightings have been experienced by various people of all ages, over a number of years.

With this in mind, this particular sighting is one of many that have occurred in this area. As it happens, England has enjoyed an explosion of UFO sightings in recent months in comparison to other times during recent history. Combined with the Pentagon’s recent admission of recording their own UFOs, this only adds more credibility that UFOs are definitely amongst us. In recent times, it seems that they are more visible than ever.

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Returning to the London sighting, donut-shaped UFOs are nothing new. Alongside tictacs, and flying saucers – they have been sighted on many occasions throughout history. Perhaps one of the most famous incidents with these UFOs was in 1996. Here, a part of the Columbia shuttle was damaged and broken apart by these objects. This too was recorded on camera, and showed various donut-shaped objects swarming around the shuttle.

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