“Bigfoot” Caught on Camera by Boater in Ontario, Canada

“There has been a lot of bigfoot activity in Ontario, Canada recently and there is also a long history of bigfoot sightings in this wild, remote area,” began RMSO investigator Kelly Shaw, who narrated the video, before drawing specific attention to the humanoid figure’s coloration.

“I want you to notice the camouflage color of the bigfoot. The grass and the foliage on the ground, it’s nearly the same color,” he said. “[…] That thing is the same color as the undergrowth. If it laid down, you probably would not be able to see it unless you knew it was there. Just amazing camouflage; great color for the environment.”

Shaw was reluctant to say definitively that the mysterious figure was a bigfoot but did compare its movements to Patty—an affectionate nickname given to the hairy humanoid recorded by Roger Patterson and Robert “Bob” Gimlin in 1967.

“I’m not saying it’s bigfoot, it just looks like bigfoot,” he said. “I think it walks really fluidly. If someone set this up, it looks like they would have practiced, because the fluidity that it moves reminds me of Patty.”

Reactions to the video have so far been mixed, with some agreeing that the figure certainly looks the part of a bigfoot, while others find the video to be too convenient with how the figure seemed to show up in-frame just in time to be recorded.

Skeptics were also quick to point out that no known search for physical evidence has been made in the area following the sighting.

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However, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), Ontario is second only to British Columbia for bigfoot sightings among Canadian provinces with 68 reports received to date.

In addition to those reports, Ontario hunter Gino Meekis was hunting grouse with his wife and grandson in early October 2019 when they heard a series of long, echoing, mournful howls emanating from the woods, which some attributed to bigfoot in the area.

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