Australian farmers say aliens have mutilated 20 cows

A farming couple in Australia have claimed that aliens are responsible for the brutal mutilation of 20 of their cows over the past 18 years, reports

Judy and Mick Cook, who run a cattle farm in Central Queensland, said they found their animals dead with their udders, ears, tongues and other organs removed with surgical precision and no blood left behind.

The Cooks told various media outlets that they had no rational explanation for the bizarre killings, which occurred on their remote 14,600 hectare property west of Eungella, about 80km west of Mackay.

The baffled cattle owners told the publication they previously never believed in the supernatural, but started to think it could be something not-human after seeing really strange lights in the sky around their property.

“One night there was a light in the distance, very bright, we couldn’t tell how close it was,” Mick Cook said.

“It looked like it was just on the boundary of the property where I had found a mob of cattle out that way the next day who looked terrorised and they started running as soon as I got close to them, which was very strange.”

Similar incidents have been reported for more than 50 years across the world, including in Australia – but UFO Research Queensland president Sheryl Gottschall said there had not been an incident in Queensland for quite some time.

“A man had travelled to the Cape York Peninsula looking for aircraft parts from World War II and he came across a mutilated bull and two calves which had its eyes, stomach bag, testicles as well as the backside removed,” she told The Courier Mail.

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“Cattle mutilations have been linked with extraterrestrial activity since the 1970s and has been fuelled by the absence of a logical explanation for the mutilations, many cases are linked with the appearances of lights.”

Gottschall said the Cooks’ story matched reports of mutilations in the US, where cattle were found laying on their side, dead and mutilated. She said often “all the blood is removed and there is no sign of blood around the animal”.

“And when an animal is laying on its side, you look for hoof marks, where the animal has tried to get up, and there is none,” she said.

“So it is like it has come from somewhere else and it has been laid on the ground there.”

The discrepancies caused many to believe there was a larger government plot afoot, or evidence of extraterrestrial life.

The Cooks’ daughter said the couple had information about similar incidents occurring “a couple of decades ago … with no explanation at all.

“It really makes you think that there’s something going on that the general public doesn’t know about, maybe there’s something being kept hidden from us,” Judy Cook said.

She said that although bringing up aliens might have been considered “odd” in the past, the public is “more accepting” of the possibility of UFOs in the sky or extraterrestrial visitations – something she is not scared of anymore.

“If (aliens) want to, they are going to come and get you,” she told The Daily Mercury.

“So what’s the use of worrying?”

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