Alien space debris stuck in Earth’s orbit, researchers say

Recently, a group of experts from Harvard University, led by physics professor Avi Loeb, announced the possible presence of alien space debris in Earth’s orbit, reports the Daily Star.

Leading space research expert Professor Loeb is confident that the discovery of such “interstellar objects could help expand our knowledge of possible alien civilizations and technologies. A team of scientists is conducting research to confirm that some of the objects in our orbit may be connected to other star systems.

During an interview with Live Science, Professor Loeb explained that these objects could enter the solar system from interstellar space, defying Jupiter’s gravitational pull and occupying limited orbits around the sun.

Some of them may have technological origins similar to the probes sent by mankind into interstellar space, such as Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, Pioneer 10 and 11 and New Horizons.

However, despite these interesting assumptions, Professor Loeb did not specify what specific objects he was talking about. In his research report, he notes that there could be “a significant number” of potentially detectable objects in Earth’s orbit.

To confirm their assumptions, the team of scientists uses computer simulations and the Vera Rubin Observatory (Chile) with a high-resolution camera of 3.2 billion pixels. This will allow for regular observations of the Southern sky and the possibility of detecting several captured objects about the size of a football field.

It is assumed that these interstellar objects passed through the boundaries of the solar system and may carry unique information about other civilizations and their technologies. If we could confirm the origin of these objects, the mysteries that open before us, this would be a real breakthrough in space exploration.

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Professor Loeb expresses hope that the new research will not only help expand our knowledge of extraterrestrial technologies, but may also lead to the discovery of new alien civilizations . Answers to such questions can be of global significance and influence our understanding of the place of mankind in the Universe.

And while there are still many questions and assumptions, the study by Professor Loeb and his team opens a new chapter in space exploration. Each new discovery can be the key to deciphering the mysteries of the cosmos and the possibility of encountering alien life forms.

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