A yellow glowing UFO flew past the ISS on live stream

A mysterious bright yellow ball on April 15, 2023 was captured on the camera of the International Space Station. “Mini-sun” slowly flew in front of the camera and it is still unclear what it was (see video below).

A video with a fragment of a UFO flight near the ISS was published online by well-known Internet ufologist Scott Waring.

“It really didn’t look like a Space Dragon capsule and it also didn’t look like a satellite, it didn’t show any porthole windows or flashing lights,” Waring writes.

“It has its own powerful yellow glow, which is incredible. Look at it, it looks like a mini sun. There is no explanation for this other than that it is a UFO.”

His opinion was supported by commentators of the video:

“It looks real. The surface is a little warped or wavy,” wrote one commenter.

“I think it could be an alien ship. It moves on its own trajectory and emits its own color,” added another.

“Its a glowing sphere which is odd to see when the sun in on the opposite side of the earth, so this UFO is giving off its own light. It reminds me of the temple Dome of Rock sighting, in Jerusalem back in 2011, many tried to debunk it, and all failed. So many possibilities exist, even if its determined to be aliens… It only brings us to more questions,” Scott C. Waring concludes.

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