A UFO landed in a field to abduct some cows

Remember John Mooner, the guy who claims he is the chief photographer for World UFO Photos?  The guy who said he photographed a Grey alien down at the local park in Newton Abbot which floated towards him? You can read about that photo and incident here .

Well he has captured another photo which he says was a ford Transit sized UFO landing in a field in Devon,UK, to abduct some cows.

He sent this photo to his local newspaper The Herald which he often does with all his sightings.


He said “I was watching a train pass by in the distance, when I spotted a black object slowly moving along the tree line and at first I thought it was a helicopter. I could only hear the passing train and thought to myself that’s strange it can’t be a helicopter there’s no sound of the rotors.

“I estimated that the object must have been the size of a large transit van.

“I watched as the object began to slowly descend into a field. Once it had landed the black object just sat there as if waiting for something to arrive. To my amazement the black object then went completely invisible.

“I wanted to go over there to investigate but it was to far away and I did not have a boat to get across the water.

“My guess is that the object was waiting for the farmer to bring his livestock into the field so they could abducted some of the poor animals to kill for genetic material.

“The farmer would not of seen this large object and would have left the field thinking his animals were safe.

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“But the Aliens were there all along waiting for the opportunity to strike and take their pickings. Spooky.

“The two photographs were taken on 25 of November 2016 at 3:37 PM at Dawlish Warren Devon England.”

What do you think? The object doesn’t look like the size of a transit van to me. Is this Mooner guy a bit of a crank?



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