A cluster of bright UFOs was filmed over New Mexico from an airliner

This video was filmed back in May 2023, but only recently was it sent to the ufological organization MUFON (an International Organization that investigates UFO reports from around the globe and not just The United States).

The author of the video (see below), in addition to the video itself, described in detail the circumstances under which he filmed this occurrence.

“On May 4th 2023 I was aboard an American Airlines flight that departed from Charlotte, NC on route to Los Angeles, CA. At approximately 17:25 MDT I observed 6-7 disc shaped glowing objects outside my cabin window traveling west within close proximity of our aircraft.

“The objects at first appeared in 3 rows stacked 2 per row. The top and bottom rows slightly trailed the middle row, as the objects traveled along side our aircraft they would slowly form a stagnated straight line.

“Our aircraft was traveling over the state of New Mexico near Taos with an air speed of roughly 490mph and a little over 30,000 feet above sea level. These objects kept pace with our aircraft for the duration of the sighting and didn’t appear to ascend or descend at any point.

“When I first noticed the objects the lights coming from them appeared a bright yellowish orange color with a flame like appearance. The light source coming from the objects seemed to pulsate at a steady interval, when the light source would dim at times I could make out a reflective silver rim on 2 of the objects.

“The rim came to a point on both ends of each object, they appeared to be disc shaped or cylindrical in nature. After observing them with the naked eye, I began filming them at approximately 17:26 MDT with my phone which records in 4K quality.

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“The objects appeared to have a yellowish white glow to them when viewed through the camera on my phone as opposed to the yellowish orange color when seen with the naked eye. After recording the objects for 1 minute and 22 seconds, I stopped recording and began to take photos.

“The objects began to shift as I took the photos and the would eventually form a stagnated straight line with the 2 objects in the top row shifting to the front and the bottom 2 objects moving to the trailing position.

“These 6 objects would eventually enter a large cloud bank in which the light source coming from the objects were visible through the clouds. As they exited the cloud bank one by one still traveling West, they blinked off and disappeared right in front of me. I didn’t see the objects ascend or descend after the lights turned off.”

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