Strange pulsating UFO filmed through night vision over Norway

A man from Norway was out filming the night sky through his night vision camera with his son a few days ago when they spotted a mysterious UFO with a slow pulsating light slowly flying across the night sky.

They continued to film the object until it disappeared out of sight.

They posted the video onto YouTube to try and find an explanation as to what it could be.

The explained “I was filming with my night vision camera on the porch with my son. After looking for some time my son could see a round object for a few seconds then I saw a very bright light which came into shot from the right side.

“The object pulsed a couple of times then there was a remarkable bright light!

“This happened over and over again as it flew across the sky.

“I have seen many satellites and none have had such strong lights as this. It started at quite a high-speed when it first came into shot but slowed down after it came to the mountains on the other side.

“I then lost sight of the object because there were a lot of clouds near the mountains.

“After I lost sight, six aircraft flew towards the same direction as to where the object had just flown to.

Here is the video. The UFO appears around the 14:30 minute mark


This is quite strange indeed. It doesn’t look like an airplane as I’m sure you would be able to see other lights it if was. Nor does it look like a satellite.

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Some suggestions say that it could be space debris tumbling and spinning, others say it is some sort of spinning craft.

What to you think it could be?




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