We are looking for podcast creators (again)

Hi, this is Jake Carter, creator of this website. We’ve got a little hiccup on our end – due to some technical issues, we lost access to our email, including all the fantastic correspondence we had with you.

If you’re one of the amazing podcasters we chatted with last year about potential collaborations, we’d love to reconnect! Email us at, and let’s pick up where we left off.

Now, on a brighter note,, your go-to hub for all things UFO and paranormal, is on the lookout for talented podcast creators who share our passion for the extraordinary.

Whether your podcast is soaring high or just taking its first steps, if you delve into topics like UFO sightings, alien encounters, ghostly tales, or any other mysterious phenomena, we’d love to team up with you.

Why partner with us? Well, we provide a platform to amplify your voice, connect with a broader audience, and gain access to exclusive content.

We’re on the hunt for podcasters who bring top-notch audio quality, captivating storytelling, and trustworthy information to the table. Reach out to us at and share the story of your podcast.

We can’t wait to hear from you and explore the exciting possibilities of collaborating together. Cheers to uncovering the mysteries together! 👽✨

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