Watch Steve Higgins’ Solo Ghost Hunting Journey In ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’

Steve Higgins, the founder of Higgypop and a self-confessed skeptic, is breaking new ground with his solo venture, ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’, a unique documentary released today that promises to challenge the expected norms of the paranormal reality genre that it sits within.

The film centres around Steve’s daring solo investigation of the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire. Known for its chilling reputation and tales of supernatural phenomena, this site has been a significant point of interest for paranormal enthusiasts. Despite the inn’s ominous reputation, Steve’s skepticism provided a buffer against fear. “You can’t be scared of something you don’t believe exists,” he declares. However, even a hardened skeptic like Steve confesses to feeling unnerved due to the psychological effects of being alone in an unfamiliar place shrouded in darkness.

By spending an entire night in the inn, he was able to delve into its history, its reputation, and the root of its paranormal narratives in a way that public ghost hunting events or team investigations often fail to capture. It also gives him the chance to try some more unusual investigation techniques.

You can watch Steve’s thrilling paranormal journey for right now. The full hour-long documentary is available to view exclusively on

You can check out the trailer for ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’ below…

What makes ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’ different to other paranormal documentaries is the unorthodox approach Steve brings to ghost hunting. Although he’s happy to go back-to-basics with some very traditional methods, he also moves beyond standard techniques and introduces a range of innovative methods to stir up the energy within the inn. Among these is an impromptu DJ set, designed to create an atmosphere of uplifting energy. “Some disco lights and a party vibe, that would stir me up,” he said. This musical interlude was just one of nine uniquely tailored paranormal experiments throughout the night, demonstrating the importance of aligning the investigation approach to the location.

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Contrary to many ghost hunting narratives, Steve’s film is not about validating the existence of the supernatural. It is, instead, a portrayal of his respectful, unbiased exploration of the reputed phenomena at the Ancient Ram Inn. His approach resonates with his larger perspective on ghost hunting, which urges investigators to shun drama and ego and focus more on the authenticity of the experience.

Interestingly, even as a skeptic, Steve had encounters during his stay that he could not readily explain. An unexpected series of rapid taps emanating from a particular part of the attic piqued his curiosity. “I’ve never quite heard a sound like it,” he recalls, emphasising the unexplained nature of the incident. Despite these mysterious occurrences, his core skepticism remained intact.

Beyond the thrills and chills of a typical ghost hunt, Steve’s hopes that his creative and tailored investigative techniques will encourage other ghost hunters to break away from traditional, stagnant approaches and to design location-specific plans. Steve believes that this more focused approach is key to truly understanding and validating reported phenomena.

‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’ is available to watch exclusively on, watch now. The film gives viewers the a unique opportunity to step into the world of ghost hunting from the perspective of a seasoned skeptic, and delve into the depths of the Ancient Ram Inn’s compelling and eerie narrative. From intriguing audio phenomena to unorthodox investigative techniques, this film offers a refreshing and more fast-paced alternative to mainstream ghost hunting shows.

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