Was this skier being watched by aliens?

A skier who was filming himself using a Go Pro camera on a selfie stick believes he might have captured a mysterious cigar-shaped UFO hovering in the sky behind him.

The skier whose YouTube user name is Shreds1620 decided to film himself skiing down a mountain.

It was only until he was reviewing his footage that he noticed the UFO. He then sent it to UFO YouTube channel Secure Team 10 to check it out.

The UFO appears from around the 2:15 mark.  Seemingly it just appears out of nowhere.


Secure Team 10 member Tyler said he was in no doubt that it is some sort of alien craft.

A lot of UFO enthusiasts also believe it to be proof that aliens exist, however some comments on the video believe otherwise.

“Helicopter,” said H0rridRex. “They probably dropped him onto the mountain and are waiting to drop someone in as well.”

Notorious Ene added sarcastically: “That there is one of them fangled helimochopters.”

Shreds1620 says that he didn’t hear it or see it and would have heard a helicopter if it was one.

So what do you think. Is this an alien cigar-shaped craft or just a helicopter?


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