Was it a Ghost or Demon at Newsham Park Asylum?

Paranormal investigator John Cartwright (known as CJ) reached out to me recently to share some very interesting photos taken during an investigation at the Newsham Asylum in Liverpool, UK.

Two years ago CJ and his team spent the night at Newsham Asylum for a ghost hunt. During the ghost hunt they snapped several photos and after reviewing the photos they spotted some very interesting ones.

During their investigation they captured a few orbs in the grand hall as shown in this photo.

They then moved into a room in the backstage area and captured more orbs as well as orbs in the ward areas of the building.

The team say that almost all of their photo’s taken during the investigation didn’t show any dust particles however the photo in the ward area does include dust particles but also a couple of orbs. Can you spot them?

Apart from capturing some orbs they were having a relatively quite night but as they approached the room at the rear of the wards they started to hear knocking and the atmosphere changed.

With hearing the knocking and experiencing a strange atmosphere in the room they decided to focus their attention in that one area.

They set up a Ouija board and started a séance. As the team asked questions they were only receiving random answers which wasn’t making much sense.

A short while later though the board started answering by moving to the letters Z and O. Back and forth, back and forth, getting faster and more violent, each time it moved to the letter Z and then to O.

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The team also felt the room become colder, darker and more oppressive. With that they decided to stop the Ouija board and closed the séance.

When they came to review the photo’s they took during the séance they were shocked to see in one of their photo’s a dark shadow figure standing in the doorway. Even more strange is what looks like a string of light emanating from the shadow figure and floating behind a member of the team performing the Ouija board.

They say everyone was accounted for either in the room or sat around the Ouija board and no-one was near the doorway.

This following photo was also taken just seconds after the photo with the shadow figure. It looks to be two strange lights coming out from the Ouija board. Could those lights and the shadow figure be connected? The only source of light was a headtorch worn by one member of the team around the table.

What do you make of the photo’s?  Do you think the shadow figure was a ghost or possibly a demon with the dark and oppressive feeling the team experienced?

With the Ouija board spelling Zozo. Zozo is know to be a very violent and dangerous demonic entity who is contacted through a Ouija board.

The group are newcomers to the paranormal investigation field. They can be found investigating old and abandoned buildings. Honesty is important to them and they will never fake anything and always try to debunk before confirming anything to be paranormal.

Please check them out and give them a follow on their Facebook page Paranormal Unlimited

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