US is not investigating UAP, but only covering up

Mark Hulsey, a former F/A-18 Hornet pilot who experienced several encounters with objects classified as UAPs during his military service, recently stated that despite pompous assurances, phenomena of this type are not properly investigated.

A former military man shared his thoughts on the Youtube channel Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The pilot is particularly concerned about the lack of radar and cockpit footage that could be released to the public, but for some reason this is not happening.

Hulsey believes that collecting and analyzing all relevant data is critical to understanding the UAP phenomenon, and the U.S. government tends to suppress vital details.

It’s hard not to admit that the alleged change of approach towards unidentified flying objects seems only illusory. The only actual materials proving the existence of such object were made available in a 2019 leak, when clips named GIMBAL, GO-FAST and FLIR appeared on the web.

The statements of other pilots, such as Alex Dietrich, suggest the existence of many hidden data. A retired navy commander saw an unusual object near the USS Nimitz ship.

She told public television that the nearby USS Princeton had been tracking similar vehicles for several days. What happened to the traces and evidences of the alleged sightings from the USS Princeton no one knows.

The existence of UFOs creates a certain problem for navy. This would mean that, despite this knowledge, the pilots were not informed of the possible threat and were not armed in the event of a dangerous situation.

This, in turn, may lead to the conclusion that the US military is fully aware of whose vehicle came so close to their destroyer. Can we say that they are conducting some kind of investigation? It’s more like a cover for their own incompetence.

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