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Whether you’re a long-time fan or have just discovered the mysterious and eerie world of ‘Uncanny,’ this quiz is sure to test your knowledge and maybe even jog your memory about some of the finer details from this season’s captivating stories.

From the haunting tale of ‘The Blue Man’ to the curious case of ‘Elton’s Phone,’ each question will take you back through the shadowy corridors and unexpected turns of the podcast’s most recent series. Remember the chilling episodes, the intriguing guests, and the unexpected twists as you navigate through these 20 questions. Don’t forget to share your score with us!

1. What significant act did Tim undertake that changed the sequence of events in Uncle Jack’s cottage?

2. Which of these experts joined Danny on his panel the most in season three of ‘Uncanny’?

3. What kind of vehicle is central to Mick’s story?

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4. Which of these is not the title of an episode from season three of ‘Uncanny?’

5. What unusual occurrence does Amanda’s brother, Elton, start experiencing with the telephone?

6. What is the title of the final episode of the current series of ‘Uncanny’?

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7. Which of Sukie’s housemate experienced the their bed covers being pulled off by ‘The Ghost Who Hated Parties’?

8. In which county is the story of ‘Uncle Jack’ set?

9. Where is the setting for the story in ‘The Ghost Who Hated Parties’?

10. What is the make of the toy telephone that becomes central to the eerie experiences in ‘Elton’s Phone’?

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11. What was the outcome for Hattie after experiencing the paranormal activity?

12. Which of these celebrities did NOT introduce their favourite episode of ‘Uncanny’ during the mid-series break?

13. Where did Sarah live when she experienced encounters with ‘The Blue Man’?

14. Who tells Danny their story about a ghost they called “The BBC Presenter?”

15. Who recounts their childhood experiences in ‘Elton’s Phone’?

16. Haunted Magazine editor Paul Stevenson made his first appearance as an expert on ‘Uncanny’, but which case did he discuss?

17. What activity was Sarah engaged in when she met the older man who shared a similar experience of ‘The Blue Man’?

18. What sequence of noises do Tim and Jay repeatedly hear in their cottage haunted by Uncle Jack?

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19. Where does Jen encounter the spectral vision of herself after contract meningitis?

20. Which of these experts made their ‘Uncanny’ debut in the latest series?

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