UFO’s witnessed by many people hovering over Los Angeles

A video has appeared on YouTube which shows two UFO’s hovering above Los Angeles. It was filmed from the Griffin Observatory and witnessed by a large group of bystanders.

The video was taken by Chris Montague. He was with a group of locals that had gone up to the well-known viewpoint to take a look at the city by night.

In his video, two lights can be seen in the sky hovering above the city. You can also hear Chris and the other bystanders speculating on what they could be.

Apparently the lights were falling like shooting stars before they started to hover, but that happened before the video started recording.

When one person can be heard questioning whether it could be a UFO, a man answers “It has to be, it’s not even moving”

He then jokes “Are we going to have guys in black suits confiscate our phones on the way out”

Chris wasn’t the only person to capture the event on video. Another YouTube user called FullyShadow also uploaded video footage taken from a different area of the city.

Some people believe the lights were actually from a group of Navy Seal parachutists who were performing at a USC football game that evening.

Although others argue that they were nothing to do with the football game.

One guy Brad Montgomery said “I’ve read through the comments and it is not associated with USC or navy seals. That object straight disappeared then reappeared in a new place, and moved left to right and in free motion as if not bound by our typical airplane like path”

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The video is a little strange, at least its clearer than most UFO videos and it was witnessed by a large group of people. Maybe it was Navy Seals parachuting down, who knows, someone must, but maybe it will always remain a mystery.


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