UFOs may be coming from another dimension, says ex-intelligence officer

Non-human minds can control UFOs from another dimension, said a former US intelligence officer David Grusch speaking with

A recent interview with David Grush, formerly of US intelligence, generated a lot of interest from UFO researchers around the world. During a conversation with journalist Ross Coulthart on News Nation, Grush presented a theory about the origin of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) from an alternate dimension.

Departing from traditional ideas about extraterrestrial beings, Grush preferred to refer to the UFO crew members as “non-human intelligent beings”, instead of the term “aliens”. This is due to the lack of sufficient data to accurately determine their origin.

Grush, who is educated in physics, suggested that these beings come to Earth from an alternative physical dimension described by the concept of quantum mechanics. He put forward a hypothesis that unidentified beings may come not from space, but from a higher dimension that exists in parallel with ours.

“I couch it as somebody who has studied physics, where you know, maybe they’re coming from a different physical dimension as described in quantum mechanics. We know there are extra dimensions due to high-energy particle collisions, etc., and there’s a theoretical framework to explain that,” he said.

However, Grush claims that these mysterious ships do not have a single source of arrival on Earth. His hypothesis includes a variety of modes of arrival. These craft may not need to travel vast interstellar distances, but can move in non-linear ways currently incomprehensible to human understanding.

“It is a well-established fact, at least mathematically and based on empirical observation and analysis, that there most likely are physical, additional spatial dimensions,” he said.

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“And you can imagine, four and five-dimensional space where what we experience is linear time, ends up being a physical dimension in higher dimensional space where you were living there. You could translate across what we perceive as a linear flow. So there is a possibility that this is a theory here. I’m not saying this is 100% the case but it could be that this is not necessarily extraterrestrial, and it’s actually coming from a higher dimensional physical space that might be co-located right here.”

Grusch says he’s certain that the materials the crafts are made out of are not of our planet.

“Based on the very specific properties that I was briefed on … isotopic ratios that have to be engineered for it to be at those levels. But also just extremely strange, heavy atomic metal, high up in the Periodic Table. Arrangements that we don’t understand. You know what the emergent properties are, but there’s just a very strange mix of elements,” he said.

And while Grusch says the U.S. has gleaned some insight from these materials for military use, much more could be done if academia and the private sector had access.

“It’s totally nuts that humanity as a whole especially, U.S. citizenry as a whole, they’re not even benefiting from broad research on this to solve propulsion, energy issues, novel material science that could improve people’s quality of life,” he said. “It’s just totally nuts how it’s been protected and inhibits progress.”

David Grusch is a former U.S. Air Force veteran and intelligence official who has made headlines for his claims that the government has recovered and concealed alien vehicles of non-human origin.

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He says he has filed a complaint with the Intelligence Community Inspector General and provided classified information to Congress about covert programs involving the alleged UFOs . He also says he has corroborating evidence from other sources who have knowledge of these programs.

Grusch served as a combat officer in Afghanistan and later worked for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) . He was involved in the analysis of unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP) and was a representative of the NRO to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force from 2019 to 2021. He left his job in April 2023 after alleging that he faced illegal retaliation for his disclosures.

However, Grush is not the first to raise the question of the interdimensional origin of UFOs. A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) archival document suggests that UFO crews may come from “an ethereal planet that interpenetrates ours and remains invisible to us.” The document also notes that the beings themselves and their apparatus automatically materialize when a certain range of matter vibrations is reached.

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