UFO’s filmed in the sky over San Martin de los Andes

This video of multiple bright lights in the sky was filmed over San Martin de los Andes in Argentina.

The video described as ‘Neighbor recorded UFO in the sky of San Martin de los Andes’ was uploaded to ‘By bringing digital monument’ YouTube channel on the 25th Feb 2016.

The video starts off with what looks like one bright glowing object hovering high up in the clear blue sky but when the camera pans out multiple flickering lights can be seen flying around the main bright object.

After a minute or so the lights start to slowly die out and fade away with one remaining light that seems to dramatically change direction and shoot across the sky at very high speed.

Some YouTube comments suggest it was a meteor shower and another comment saying that they had seen the same thing before the video was posted and they thought it was a done but it stayed in the air for hours.

If it was a meteor shower, how can that explain the object that changes direction and shoots across the sky near the end of the video?

It could be all fake though!

So what do you think.  Meteors? Aliens? Military?



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