Turkey feared an alien invasion during mass UFO sightings

Last night ‘Sunday 27th November’ the people of Turkey were in fear of an imminent alien invasion as a series of UFO’s were being seen all over the country by numerous people.

Twitter and Reddit lit up as the sightings were taking place with people posting videos and images of the UFO’s with the hashtag #ufoattackturkey.

Here are just some of the tweets.











One witness, while trying to film the UFO, was knocked off their feet by a loud explosion which sounds like it could have been a military jet at full speed intercepting the UFO. Or maybe the UFO actually made the explosion sound.




Apparently just an hour after the incident started trending on Twitter, Twitter removed all forms a reference from the trends feed and some tweets that showed photos and videos were taken down or removed completely which is strange and interesting in itself. Why would Twitter do that?

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Another video was posted onto YouTube by a witness which shows a closer look at one the unidentified objects.

I’m not too sure about the object in that video though. It looks too much like a Chinese lantern, but I maybe wrong.  What do you think?

Was this real? Was it a mass hoax? Was it a military exercise?

If you witnessed the UFO please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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