Train passenger seen six UFO’s beaming light down to earth

A woman travelling by train through the Apache County in the Arizona desert says that she witnessed ‘six hovering, two-story objects beaming light to the ground level’

The child of the woman who witnessed the UFO’s reported the sighting to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

The report said “My mother was traveling through the Arizona desert via train, on her way to Texas.

“She was unable to sleep due to movement of the train. She said she was looking out of the cabin window and saw a very bright light that became brighter as the train approached.

“She said she then saw six objects hovering side-by-side; close enough to see that each object had two rows of windows. She described them as being ‘two-story.’

“She said that they were so bright and that a foggy sort of light was beaming down from underneath each object.”

The report added “She frantically reached for her cell phone in time to snap a couple of photos.

“I, myself, have seen some pretty amazing things in the sky that I can only describe as being extraterrestrial, and she was the biggest sceptic until she saw for herself.

“She was so excited to share this with me. She is not one to exaggerate or seek attention in any way. She’s a no BS kind of lady. I know what she saw was genuine. She asked that I share with the UFO community.”

MUFON Arizona Field investigator Kristine Wulf say that the are looking into the case.

Another UFO investigator who runs his own UFO debunking site believes the photo is just lense flare

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