Trail Cam accidentally caught a flying UFO with 9 lights

In the forest of Caledon Community, Ontario, Canada, a hunting camera turned on at night when a raccoon approached it and accidentally filmed a strange object that flew over the ground.

You can clearly see how nine lights, lined up in one horizontal line, appear above the grass and smoothly rise upwards, flying over the camera. This happened on the night of June 21, 2023.

It is curious that the filmed raccoon did not react to the UFO in any way, as if he did not see or hear it.

The video was sent to the American UFO site MUFON. Author of the video pointed out that there were no houses or roads of any kind in the vicinity, and that no aircraft route passed over this forested area.

“I was checking my Trail Cam, a Racoon set off the cam 9 lights came into view from the right corner of the video. The area were it rose from has trees behind it 30 ft high and there is no roads or flight paths for planes in this area. Unbelievable what ever this is,” he wrote.

It was also pointed out that there are very tall trees on the side where the UFO came from, and thus this object could not just “fly through them”. However, how did UFO do it then?

Many netizens believe that it was an alien spacecraft or their spy drone. Others believe that this is either some kind of fraud with a video or someone’s unusual drone.

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