Tiny mummy with abnormal number of ribs and elongated skull found in Colombia

The mummy of a diminutive human, potentially an unborn child, exhibiting peculiar congenital anomalies, has been unearthed in Colombia.

Journalist Josep Guijarro shared insights into the discovery, revealing that the mummy was found in a region aptly named “The Hill of the Dwarves” (el cerro de los enanos) in the Colombian hinterlands.

The nomenclature of the hill is often attributed to local beliefs in magical little inhabitants residing within hills or mountains—an analogous phenomenon seen in Fairy Hills or Fairy Forts in Ireland and Great Britain.

Newly discovered mummy from Colombia

Contrary to folklore, the discovery in Colombia unveils the remains of an actual small individual, or rather its mummified form. While skeptics lean toward interpreting it as a miscarriage with birth defects, a substantial number postulate a connection to a diminutive alien humanoid, akin to the Atacama mummy.

The Colombian mummy exhibits distinctive features, including only 10 pairs of ribs—deviating from the typical 12 pairs in humans.

Additionally, the head displays severe deformities, reminiscent of intentional skull elongation. Intriguingly, the head bears a slight resemblance to the head of the famed Russian “alien Alyoshenka.”

Mummy “Alyoshenka”

Remarkably, the mummified fetus in Colombia displays remnants of an umbilical cord, casting doubt on claims of forgery. Yet, the identity of the individual and the circumstances surrounding the mummy’s preservation remain elusive, prompting numerous unanswered questions.

Notably, Guijarro lacks possession of the actual mummy, having received only photographs from an undisclosed source. His credibility stems from over a decade hosting the program “Riddles and Mysteries” on Colombian TV, where he became a prominent authority on paranormal subjects in the country.

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Although now working as a ufologist, Guijarro neither outright dismisses nor affirms the extraterrestrial connection, stating cautiously, “I can’t know for sure because I don’t have verifiable data.”

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