“This technology does not belong to us”, says pilot who saw a 30,000mph UAP

Christiaan Van Heijst, a veteran 747 cargo pilot with a keen eye for photography, recently shared his experiences with podcaster Chris Lehto, revealing four enigmatic UFO sightings. Among these, a “hypersonic” UAP stands out.

Van Heijst, who has spent countless hours navigating the globe’s airways, initially rationalized these sightings as secret tests of advanced USAF technology. Yet, the unfolding of recent, undisclosed events has led him to reconsider.

What are these mysterious objects, and where do they come from?

Christiaan van Heijst

Christiaan said: “I’ve seen four things that I still cannot explain. For the longest time I just dismissed it by saying it must be something military, because especially for commercial pilots if we see something that we cannot identify it’s just the go-to answer; ’It’s something military’.

“It was only after I saw the interviews with Commander David Fravor and Lieutenant Ryan Graves where they discussed their sightings and explained the things that a lot of Navy Pilots have been seeing that I realized that they were describing stuff that I’ve seen as well

“If these Navy Pilots came to the conclusion that it’s it’s not theirs then I was forced to to reevaluate my own sightings again.”

Christiaan witnessed his first UAP while still training as an airline pilot – but whatever he saw baffled his experienced instructor too.

“All of a sudden I saw just to the left and in front of the airplane a bright light falling moving basically vertically down, and it disappeared into the cloud layer below,” Christiaan explained.

“It actually illuminated the cloud layer as well as it fell through, and I remember my instructor captain saying ‘Whoa, what was that?’ and I thought ‘You’re the instructor, you’re supposed to know what’s what’s happening out there!’”

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He considered that the glowing orb might have been an example of ball lightning – a rare and still unexplained weather phenomenon – but the conditions were wrong for any kind of lightning at the time.

“I’m pretty convinced it wasn’t a meteor,” he added. “I’ve seen literally thousands of meteors – they always enter the Earth’s atmosphere in a certain angle, and they they burn up in the atmosphere leaving a smoke trail. In this case it was a bright light moving vertically down at a constant, incredible speed and it didn’t leave any sort of trail or it didn’t change in intensity. What often happens with meteors they change in intensity as they burn up.”

He saw a second, similar object a few years later when he was the co-pilot of a Boeing 737 on a flight between Greece and Holland. Christiaan and the plane’s captain thought that the object, which was travelling at some 30,000mph, might have been a missile, but Greek air traffic control assured him that there had been no activity of that kind in the area.

Perhaps Christiaan’s most remarkable sighting was also in the skies over Greece, in September 2005. “We had just landed at one of the small islands with a small air strip and it was in the middle of the night, there was no moon it was just a beautiful starry night. You could see all of the stars, thousands of them.

“My captain and I saw, at the same time, a very bright light appearing in the sky ahead of us really really far really high and it was almost like the planet Venus.”

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Venus, which shines brightly in the night sky, has been offered as the explanation for many UFO sightings, but there was something unusual about this particular sighting. Christiaan continued: “This light suddenly appeared, it disappeared, it reappeared again. It was making a stuttering motion and the fourth time it reappeared it just shot off instantly. There was no acceleration, it was instant speed … hypersonic… and it just disappeared among among the stars.”

Whatever Christiaan saw, he’s sure it wasn’t a natural phenomenon. He added: “For us commercial pilots, our go-to answer is well it must be something military because that very night there was a huge part of the airspace south of Greece closed because the USS Theodore Roosevelt together with a couple of cruisers or whatever were transiting just south of Greece on on their way to the Persian Gulf.

“We knew about this because the airspace was closed and we’re being briefed before the flight about those kind of closures, so the moment we saw that light stuttering and and and making strange movements we thought it was probably connected to the aircraft carrier passing by.”

To this day, Christiaan has “no clue” what the object might have been. The only thing he could say with any certainty is that it wasn’t a satellite. “As pilots we see satellites all the time, we see the ISS, we see so much stuff in the night sky but this was just weird,” he explained.

“I’ve never seen anything like the instant speed when it was shooting away, I thought ‘Wow what the heck is that?’”

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A keen photographer, Christiaan managed to capture one of his sightings on camera. It was on a flight into Malaga, on the southern tip of Spain, when Christiaan’s captain pointed out an unusual ‘Tic Tac’ shaped object just ahead of them.

Whatever it was did not show up on any of the aircraft’s systems, and Spanish air traffic controllers were also baffled, eventually handing Christiaan over to military air traffic controllers to investigate the sighting.

“There was no military traffic, no commercial traffic known to be ahead of us, no weather balloons no nothing – just absolutely nothing that he could could identify.”

The mystery object appeared to shadow Christiaan’s aircraft for about an hour: “It seemed to be be something that that was, if not really chasing us, at least following us – or it could have been an absolutely massive object that was stationary, hovering somewhere over Africa.”

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