The Unseen Shield: A Closer Look At Psychic Protection

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Psychic protection is vital to shield yourself from negative energies when engaging with the paranormal, says LITZ BUTCHER

The Unseen Shield: A Closer Look at Psychic Protection

The concept of psychic protection is rooted in the belief that individuals can shield themselves from negative energies, psychic attacks, or spiritual harm. These practices often involve visualisation, grounding techniques, amulets or invoking spiritual guides for protection.

While some embrace psychic protection as vital, others view it sceptically, questioning its necessity and effectiveness.

For those who endorse psychic protection, it offers a feeling of security and empowerment. They believe that surrounding oneself with positive energy can ward off harm and enhance emotional and spiritual resilience.

In their view, psychic protection is essential for navigating life’s challenges. Sceptics argue that the need for psychic protection is based on unverifiable claims and lacks empirical evidence. They assert that psychological factors, such as self-belief and confidence, might account for any perceived benefits attributed to psychic protection.

If you deal with the general public throughout the course of your work, consider the following: We are human beings that exude energy—some positive and uplifting, others not so much!

Think, then, in particular, of an empath going about their day job and soaking up said energy, then contemplate them passing it on or “infecting” the person they have contact with, perhaps even taking those negative energies home to the family at the end of the working day.

We all know someone who brings down the mood just by their very being; that energy can be viral. Sadness attached to bereavement or chronic illness, unhappiness in relationships or the workplace—all of those can create energetic heaviness.

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As a seasoned clairvoyant, I have given literally thousands of psychic and mediumistic readings face-to-face, via the telephone, in messages, and through video calls.

The work can be tiring simply because I want my clients to get the best reading possible. To me, it is important to clear my energy and the workspace between each session and at the end of each day.

Many years ago, when clients first came to my house for readings, I did not realise the need for energy cleansing. After time and a lot of days feeling completely washed out, I realised the culmination of the sadness and confusion that many people unwittingly brought with them was responsible for the lethargy I felt and the thick energy “fog” left hanging in the room I used for readings. 

My all-time quick fix for psychic protection is the Blue Shield Visualization can be done absolutely anywhere. All that’s required is the ability to visualise!

  • Close your eyes and see yourself surrounded by a sky-blue ovoid shape encompassing your entire body, reaching approximately 30 cm above, below, and to the sides of you.
  • Once you have achieved that, visualise again a tiny, brilliant, snow-white light in the centre of your body.
  • See that light extending out in all directions, past your physical form and to the edges of the blue shield that you have created.
  • Bask in that sensation for just a few minutes, knowing that it is impenetrable to everything.
  • Dismiss the visualisation and go about your day. Anytime you encounter energy vampires, switch on your Blue Shield. 
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Whether psychic protection is necessary remains subjective and open to interpretation. It can be seen as a coping mechanism to maintain a sense of control and inner peace amid the complexities of modern life, reducing anxiety and promoting a positive mindset.

As humans, we are diverse in our beliefs and experiences, and what provides a sense of security for one may not hold the same significance for another. Whether through psychic protection or alternative means, the pursuit of inner peace and personal well-being is a fundamental human endeavour.

Tell us your thoughts on spiritual protection in the comments section below!

LITZ BUTCHER says: “I am a Seer rather than a Psychic or Clairvoyant; that sums up what I do: I see things that normally cannot be seen. Coming from a psychic, witchy family, it’s no surprise that, from my earliest memories, I’ve had an obsession with witches, ghosts, and everything paranormal. My home library is filled with books, articles, and magazines on everything from meditation to curses, how to make a hoodoo cleansing bath, and the best way to summon a Crossroads demon! In my downtime, I watch real-life crime shows and write fiction.” Follow Litz:

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