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How much do you know the paranormal investigation technique known as the Estes Method. We’ve put together 15 questions to test your knowledge of the method, its origin, and the history behind it. Test your knowledge by taking the test below.

1. What equipment does the listener wear in the Estes Method?

2. Why does the listener wear a blindfold in the Estes Method?

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3. What do team members do while the listener is isolated?

4. At which famous hotel was the Estes Method developed?

5. Who were the creators of the Estes Method?

6. In which year was the Estes Method first tried?

7. What psychological experiment is similar to the Estes Method?

8. What other tools can be used with the Estes Method setup?

9. In the context of the Estes Method, what does EVP stand for?

10. What is a significant issue that affects the perceived validity of responses in Estes Method sessions?

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11. Which paranormal reality series popularised the use of the Estes Method?

12. What psychological phenomenon does the Estes Method aim to minimise by isolating the listener?

13. What can still influence an investigator’s interpretation of noises during an Estes Method session?

14. What is the origin of the name “Estes Method”?

15. How do spirit boxes theoretically allow spirits to communicate?

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