The Ancient Ram Inn Stars In Upcoming Channel 4 Series

An iconic haunt of paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters alike, the Ancient Ram Inn of Wotton-under-Edge is set to appear on our television screens, with the owner Caroline Humphries and the inn featuring prominently in Channel 4’s new series, ‘Millionaire Hoarders’.

The new three-part show will delve into the fascinating homes of obsessive collectors across Britain. A team of four experts, including antiques connoisseurs Clive Downham, Paula Sutton, Rachel Fox, and Ronnie Archer-Morgan, bravely venture into these treasure-laden dwellings, unearthing priceless artefacts hidden amongst the troves of accumulated curios.

The anticipated episode showcasing the Ancient Ram Inn will broadcast on Channel 4, Friday, August 18 at 8pm. However, for those who can’t wait to see what can be found in the inn’s overflowing collection of peculiar curios, the episode can be streamed from this coming Friday.

The uncanny collection of bizarre oddities is a testament to the life of the inn’s former owner, John Humphries. Despite its closure as a pub in 1965, John worked tireless to try to restore the historic inn to its former glory. His work, and his collection, has has now been inherited by his daughter, Caroline. Struggling with the financial demands of maintaining the inn, she faces the heart-wrenching decision to sell pieces of her father’s beloved collection to safeguard the historic building.

Filming took place late last year, when the eerie inn opened its doors for the once-in-a-lifetime sale, offering the public a chance to own a piece of its paranormal history.

The Ancient Ram Inn has a chilling history that lends to its claim as one of the UK’s most haunted locales. Positioned on an ancient pagan burial site, the inn is host to countless accounts of ghostly apparitions, inexplicable events, and spine-tingling encounters. The inn has been featured in popular paranormal TV shows such as ‘Ghost Adventures’ and ‘Most Haunted,’ and the subject of Higgypop founder Steve Higgins’ ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie.’

Among the most haunting tales originate from the Bishop’s Room, reputed to be the dwelling of an ethereal greyhound. The room was deemed “the most evil place” by Reverend John Yates, a former Bishop of Gloucester, who attempted an exorcism there. Another paranormal hotspot, the Witch’s Room, reportedly sees activity from otherworldly entities, adding to the inn’s spectral repertoire.

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John Humphries, the Inn’s late owner, often reported bizarre encounters, including midnight meetings with one of the inn’s most menacing spirits.

Chilling incidents of unexplained cold spots, abrupt drops in temperature, spectral lights, sudden door slams, phantom footsteps, and poltergeist-like furniture movements are frequently reported at the inn. The bar area, rumoured to be the final resting place of a murdered woman from the 1500s, is said to be haunted by her restless spirit. A tall, hooded apparition, known as Edward, is also reported to frequent the site. The Bishop’s Room plays host to spectral animals, causing fright by suddenly leaping onto or brushing past startled visitors.

If you’re daring enough to experience the spectral charms of the Ancient Ram Inn, it offers open days and ghost hunts that allow visitors to plunge into its spellbinding history. For more details and to schedule your visit, navigate to the Ancient Ram Inn’s official website at

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