‘Terminator’ director James Cameron on the rise of AI: “I warned you guys”

James Cameron is weighing in on AI as computer programming continues to mature and become more sophisticated. The director of The Terminator made a call back to the film he also co-wrote and that Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in.

“I warned you guys in 1984, and you didn’t listen,” he told CTV News about AI.

The Terminator, released in 1984, is a science fiction film about a cyborg assassin and an artificially intelligent defense network that has become sentient.

“I think the weaponization of AI is the biggest danger,” he added.

“I think that we will get into the equivalent of a nuclear arms race with AI, and if we don’t build it, the other guys are for sure going to build it, and so then it’ll escalate.”

Cameron doesn’t think AI will replace writers anytime soon saying, “I just don’t personally believe that a disembodied mind that’s just regurgitating what other embodied minds have said — about the life that they’ve had, about love, about lying, about fear, about mortality — and just put it all together into a word salad and then regurgitate it … I don’t believe that have something that’s going to move an audience.”

He continued, “Let’s wait 20 years, and if an AI wins an Oscar for Best Screenplay, I think we’ve got to take them seriously.”

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