Supercyborgs could be a reality in 200 years, scientist warns

A research team led by well-known anthropologist Elena Sudarikova made a bold prediction: in two centuries, our world could be inhabited by people with completely artificial bodies.

These creatures, called supercyborgs, will have sense organs completely replaced by technical devices. However, the implementation of this hypothesis will require significant scientific and technological progress and fundamental changes in society.

According to Professor Sudarikova, the rapid development of technology leads to the physical weakening of modern man. Desktop confinement and lack of physical activity destroy joints, and long time spent in front of a computer screen adversely affects vision.

She argues that human physical abilities are gradually declining, but advances in artificial materials, such as dental implants and heart valves, allow some of the lost functions to be restored.

An integral part of this hypothesis is the question of whether a person will remain a person if he replaces all his organs except the brain.

The scientist emphasizes that an organism devoid of sense organs will not be able to effectively interact with the outside world.

Connecting the brain to digital devices can change the nature of human thinking and its ability to emotionally and intuitively experience. Sudarikova emphasizes that the future of these technologies is ambiguous and depends on many factors, including natural, economic and political variables.

The possibility of the emergence of supercyborgs is causing a lively debate in the scientific world and society as a whole.

Some researchers believe that this evolution can accelerate the development of mankind, overcoming physical and intellectual limitations.

However, there are also concerns about the potential negative effects of such technologies. Who will control the development and use of artificial organs and devices? What ethical and social challenges will arise as a result of this evolution?

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The scientist calls for discussion and conscious regulation of the development of biotechnology in order to ensure its safe and ethical use in the future.

She emphasizes that it is necessary to carefully examine and consider all potential risks before taking responsibility for such drastic changes.

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