Spooky Doo – A Paranormal investigation dog sniffing out ghosts in Manchester UK

Bond is a ex-racer greyhound, now turned ghostly detection dog

His name may be Bond, but a dog version of the international spy he is certainly not.

However, the five-year-old greyhound does have an unusual job- he’s a ghost detector, using his heightened senses to sniff out any spooky activity.

He even has his own personalised harness, with ‘Spooky Doo’ embroidered on it, a tongue-in-cheek reference to his cartoon counterpart Scooby Doo.

His owners Brian Sterling-Vete, and partner Helen Wuorio run a Manchester-based paranormal investigative agency called Paranormal Rescue in their spare time.

In a post on her website, Helen described the pair as ‘approaching the subject from an open-minded objective scientific position.’

She said: “We share a hobby-cum-new professional obsession, which is attempting to solve ancient mysteries and trying to scientifically unravel conundrums that seem to have a paranormal twist.”

The couple adopted Bond from a greyhound rescue centre, and his new life as a four-legged paranormal investigator began, taking him to many supposedly haunted locations across the Greater Manchester area, and even further afield.

A video posted by BBC News shows exactly what happens during one of these investigations, of a former police station in Bolton which Brian believes is haunted after Bond appeared to react after one of their previous visits.

The former police station is now a college, but staff have often reported feeling a sense of dread at approaching the basement, which used to house prisoners.

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In the video, Brian describes Bond as a “very good sensing piece of equipment” on their ghost-hunting missions.

“Far better than the electronic equipment in many ways because he automatically senses things and lets us know.”

Bond and Brian go from room to room, checking out the old cells, some of which are dimly lit and cramped, before stopping outside one particular cell.

“Bond was chasing something only he could see around the building, dragging my wife behind him on his lead and eventually settled in this cell.” Brian added.

Bond had previously reacted to the cell, and it turned out to have a tragic history behind it- two prisoners reportedly took their own lives there, 100 years prior.

This time, Bond seems reluctant to enter the cell again, which Brain attributes to his previous reaction.

Greg Paton, one of the members of staff at the college, said: “I can only say dogs know many things humans don’t, and I believe him..”

Whether you’re a sceptic or a believer, there’s one thing for certain- Bond takes his new job very seriously.

Source: Manchester Evening News


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