Silver Surfer UFO filmed over Turkey

This is the startling moment a UFO resembling popular Marvel superhero the Silver Surfer appeared in the sky above a major city.


The mysterious object cruising through the sky above Bursa in north-western Turkey was spotted by motorists Erkan Arik and Halil Caglar.

The shimmering shape glides along in broad daylight, glittering in the sunshine in the middle of the day.

But despite their shock, the pair managed to grab a smartphone and capture the bizarre phenomenon on film.

The young men can be heard in the clip saying (in Turkish): “It goes down, takes a ride in the forest then lifts up again.”

The footage quickly went viral after Erkan and Halil uploaded it to social media and video-sharing websites, asking if anyone knew what the UFO was.

And some web users, spotting that the object was bent in two places resembling a surfer on a board, speculated it might be the legendary superhero in action.

The Silver Surfer, created by Jack Kirby and scripted by Stan Lee, is a humanoid with metallic skin who travels through space on his surfboard-like craft.

The Marvel Comics character first appeared in a Fantastic Four comic in 1966 but went on to star in his own graphic novel.

He was also the focus of the 2007 film Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, in which the CGI superhero was played by Doug Jones and voiced by Laurence Fishburne.

Source: The Sun


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