Plant or animal on rock found in latest NASA photo of Mars

Famous ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring announced an unusual find on the surface of Mars. He believes that the latest image taken by the Perseverance rover captured a real Martian plant.

The researcher said that he discovered this pink-green plant growing right out of the rock on Mars. β€œIt’s an amazing find,” says Waring.

The ufologist also recalled that in 2020 he found something similar on the surface of Mars, and now claims to understand why NASA paints most photographs of the Martian surface in false colors.

In his opinion, the space agency is thus trying to hide the truth from the public.

Earlier, NASA confirmed that the rover had detected organic matter on the planet. However, experts stressed that this is not about ancient life forms, but that they constitute the building blocks of life, and suggest that simple life forms could have evolved on Mars billions of years ago.

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