Peruvian Villagers Report Violent Encounters with Flying, Armored, Silver “Aliens”

According to RPP News, members of the Ikitu indigenous people residing in the district of Alto Nanay, province of Maynas, Loreto, Peru have reportedly seen—and even been attacked by—flying, armored, silver beings with huge heads.

These encounters date back to at least July 11th.

The creatures are said to be roughly six and a half to seven feet tall and immune to the villagers’ hunting weapons.

When cornered by the villagers, they simply disappear.

“These gentlemen are aliens. They look armored like the green goblin from Spider-Man. I have shot him twice and he does not fall, but rises and disappears. We are frightened by what is happening in the community,” village leader Jairo Reátegui Ávila said. “Their color is silver, their shoes are round in shape and with that they rise. They float at a meter high and have a red light on the heel part. His head is long, his mask is long, and his eyes are half yellowish. With that they see you well and leave. They are experts at escaping.”

Reátegui added that a 15-year-old girl had been attacked and her neck cut by one of the beings. The teenager’s wounds were reportedly treated locally within the community.

Authorities have responded to the villagers’ outcry by sending in law enforcement officers to investigate.

Members of the Peruvian Police and Navy arrived in the area earlier this month and held a brief meeting with the locals before touring their community, paying special attention to the area where the 15-year-old girl had allegedly been attacked by one of the “aliens.”

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After collecting information and preparing reports on the investigation, law enforcement personnel left the village.

RPP said that they contacted the head of the IV Macro Police Region of Loreto, Héctor Dávila, but he did not respond.

In the meantime, community members said that they perform nightly patrols armed with shotguns and sticks to defend themselves from the otherworldly beings.

Of the speculative explanations introduced by outsiders trying to solve the mystery, perhaps the most popular is that the “aliens” are drones used by drug or land traffickers to frighten the locals.

However, so far, there is no hard evidence to support the hypothesis and the sightings remain unexplained.

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