Paranormal: The Village That Saw Aliens on BBC1

Sian Eleri is back again with a second series of Paranormal on BBC Three.

This time she will dive into a new paranormal realm – UFOs.

Sian Eleri is a radio presenter and DJ from Caernarfon, Wales.

She is best known for presenting shows on BBC Radio 1 and Radio Cymru such as Radio 1’s Chillest Show and Future Artists.

Sian has also appeared as a main solo presenter on various platforms covering a wide range of topics.

She was the presenter of the culture programme Green Space Dark Skies on BBC One Wales and, in August 2023, her BBC Three series called Paranormal was released.

The first series, titled: ‘The Girl, the Ghost and the Gravestone’ explores a supposed haunted farmhouse in North Wales, which in the late 1990s, was believed to be one of the most haunted houses in Britain.

Penyfford Farm, the series’ location, was the site of several unexplained phenomena including alleged sightings of a hooded figure and objects moving around the home.

Throughout the show, Sian Eleri investigates these strange ‘encounters’ and interviews those solving the home’s many mysteries.

Sian will delve into a series of mysterious events considered among the most significant UFO activity reports in history.

During the 1970s and 1980s, many unrelated individuals reported several unexplained and terrifying sightings.

The series tracks down eyewitnesses and researchers who have dedicated themselves to uncovering the truth.

Speaking about her new Paranormal series, The Village That Saw Aliens, Sian said: “It was a thrill to fly into a new celestial realm in the paranormal universe.

“The world of UFOs, extra-terrestrial activity and other theories around what could exist in our skies is vast, intriguing and ominous.

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“It’s been eye-opening to explore such open-ended issues and this series continues to challenge my beliefs – I can’t wait for its launch so viewers can make up their own minds on the case”

Filming for the series took place in the village of Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire.

It mainly focuses on a 1977 incident where 14 schoolboys in Broad Haven reported seeing a UFO in their school playground.

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