Paranormal Ball of Light Caught on CCTV

In Zaporozhye, Southeast Ukraine, a weird ball of light or orb has been captured on a synagogues CCTV camera.

The ball of light was discovered by rabbi Michael Oishie who discovered it while looking through the footage. He then shared it on Facebook.

Some suggested explanations are that it’s a UFO, a ghost, ball lightning or an infrared light being beamed towards the camera.

Locals reported that the weather was good that night with no thunder or lightning storm events, so that could rule out the ball lightning.

I’m leaning towards a light being shone towards the camera, maybe someone with a laser pen standing just outside of shot pointing it towards the camera, but who knows, maybe it is something mysterious that can’t be explained and will remain a real mystery.

This is the CCTV footage, what do you think?


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