Norwegian researchers explore lake in search of UFO spotted 77 years ago

In Norway, investigators dedicated to explaining phenomena such as UFOs demonstrate remarkable persistence. Seventy-seven years after a report of a flying object over a lake, they are now employing extensive resources to unravel the mystery.

As reported by, the incident dates back to 1947 when the mayor of Roros village witnessed the descent of an unusual object near his location. This story has endured through the years.

Rue Røstad, a photographer, recollects, “It looked like a rocket and made a lot of noise. It turned 180 degrees and landed in the lake behind us.”

Despite previous fruitless searches, this photographer has taken a more substantial approach. “We found an object right below this hole. It measures fourteen meters long and three meters wide.”

Initial sonar images are promising, suggesting the presence of an object at the location.

The ongoing search has captivated UFO enthusiasts, drawing the attention of investigators and visitors alike. Arnulf Løken, a member of the Norwegian UFO center, exclaims, “It’s really exciting. This is one of the largest UFO search operations in the history of Norway.”

A film crew is documenting the event, with plans for a documentary detailing the entire adventure.

Divers are manually probing the lake bottom, yet success has proven elusive so far. Investigators are left speculating. “I think it’s something known, not something unknown from space. Something terrestrial, but who knows…” predicts Arnulf Løken.

The question remains: Is the unidentified flying object of extraterrestrial origin? The answer awaits its retrieval to the surface, a matter expected to unfold in the coming days or weeks.

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